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Download 360 Super Root APK file for Android

360 super Root APK is another rooting application which will allow you to access android roots files. The special thing about this rooting application is that. You are not required to download and install this application on your computer and then connect a computer to mobile for rooting. Just download this application from the link and install it on your Android device, and tap the button of the root. Your device, having an Android version upper than 2.2 will be rooted within some minutes.

Moreover, you can create a backup of your data by using this application, as before rooting, you always should create a backup disk. This backup will help you when you need to get all the applications data back even contacts, messages and other things can back up by using this application.

360 super Root APK will allow you to uninstall all the preinstalled application on your Android device. And save only those applications which are important for you, and uninstall all the unnecessary and useless applications. This application will allow you to remove the cache files, the junk files which are being stored on your phone, slowing down your phone; all will be removed off in just one tap.

Additional information for 360 Super root

  1. Requires Android 2.3
  2. Current Version
  3. File Size 6.37 MB
  4. Developer 360
  5. Category Tool

You can free up all of your space with just one tap with down 360safe 360 perm root. So you can store more data by freeing up space with this application.

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The use of 360 super Root APK is very easy and straight-forward. Even a kid would be able to root a phone, to make phone software fresh and to install the new featured and desired an operating system on your phone. Just download the application, install it, and allow all the permission required while installing it. Then take care one thing, your internet connection should be fast. Then try to turn on your WI-FI connection while rooting your phone. Because internet error can create a problem in downloading the files which required for rooting.

So, download 360 super roots APK from the link below, tap the download button below and install this application on your Android device. If the link is not working or showing some errors, comment down in the section.

Download > 360 Root

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