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Download 4k to 10k Liker APK for Android

Hello friends, today we are here again with an Auto liker named as 4k to 10k Liker for android. If you are a social user and wants to get likes within a range of 4k to 10k, then you are just in the right place. As the name implies this application is giving you are a specific number of likes and impressions on Facebook. You can see that there were so many people including your own Facebook friends getting auto likes. The number of likes that people have is just a wonder of this  FB like Application.

However, you can get the huge collection of impressions and auto likes using this 4k to 10k liker APK. It depends on your Facebook profile and knowledge that you know about this. Always increase the number of likes when you really care about the features of 4k to 10k auto liker. This name of Facebook auto liker is som how to relate to our previous apps. 4 like and 4 liker APK respectively.

How to Download 4k to 10k liker:

  • First of all, make sure that you have the compatible device, it is support up to 4.0.3 OS versions
  • Find the download link at our website with a download button
  • Click on it to get the 4k to 10k Liker APK file right away
  • File size is around 4.5 MBs so be patient while your file is downloading
  • After it completes, locate the App on your Android device
  • Run the installer and allow the app to make necessary things
  • It will auto creates a shortcut with the name of Application on your screen or find it on APPs option
  • Ready to go with, just launch the 4k to 10k Liker APP
  • Have fun..!

Moreover, this app is totally free and safe to go with it. It possibly delivers you the less number of like as it is stated already in the above lines. But the app is never spamming you or nor give you fake likes as a result. So feel free to download 4k to 10 Liker from our website right on the go. The developers of the app and provider Dev Technolab are very sensitive to fixing problems for you even on their first release.

Like the app, it not facing and a bug that will never encounter you while surfing. So many bugs are fixed and much more inside, let’us know what you are going to achieve with this app. You can easily grab likes about to (4k) 4 thousand or reach to the maximum (10k) 10 thousand. We hope and belove that 4k to 10k Liker will fulfill your desires consequently.

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