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AndroDumpper is real application to connect to WPS enabled Wi Fi routers. So this app will use a typical methodology to connect to the accessible WiFi. We are even NOT responsible for illegal or hacking use. We are sharing this tool only for educational and informational purpose. So don’t try to access those WiFi providers that you don’t have the right to access.

It is just experimental based and developed by Osama Abu kmail who has a nationality of Palestine.

The working procedure of this app is quite simple and 100 success rate according to the developers. There are two methods of connectivity as we listed them right below.

According to this method this app will be supportable on all Android OS Models but keep in mind that the device should be root first.

This one has a selective approach for some mobile phones having Android 5 (Lollipop) or latest one. At this situation you are only used to connect the WiFi. But still you are still not allows to view the password unless you are root.

Some of old Android versions going to get benefit of this amazing app. Just root your device if you having 4.4 (kitkat) or even older than this.

With Androdumper a WPS connect apk you can connect and knowing the password as well. Please be aware that if you are not root you are not able to use the application consequently.

To you the password of the network which us just connected just go to the right menu and select he saved network from the list.

If you are trying to connect a network that is your own or you have already connect to that one is totally killing your time. Because here you already know the password and already connected to the router having Wi-Fi network.

Locate the permission with Androdumpper which is require for Wi-Fi Network that will automatically scan By Android mobile phone is same for your Android tablet.

Try to work with some reachable networks that might in range and having good signal strength. Make sure that the router has WPS enabled we are mention above this at the top for more clearance.