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Battery calibration is a functional Android App that helps you to calibrate your device battery. If you want to give a long life to your smartphones or Android tablets battery. Then this battery calibration APK will help you to easily improve the battery performance. It is the most papular and smarter application since now for the phone users to elaborate. With the powerful features of this program, you will extend the life of battery charging and the very long lasting experience.

Within the most simple steps, you will boost up and increase the lifetime of that battery right away. The steps are just listed in down coming lines, must read to have a great experiential guide.

  1. If the battery indicates less then 50 % please connect the charger.
  2. It is worthy not that necessary you can also do the battery calibration within the lower battery charge.
  3. Once the app Starts to calibrate your battery, wait till once it 100 % completes.
  4. It is extending phones standby and calling duration stability
  5. Wait for the total calibration to ensure and empower your battery and disconnect your device from charging.

After the successful calibration of the battery via Battery calibration APK, you cause your battery longer than ever once you charged. The smooth and very interactive use is there after the completion of the whole process.


Improve and increase the total energy of your phone battery

The app makes it easy to perform battery calibration

You can refresh and reopen the battery states and have extra boost up

Avoid imperfections in stats and battery pieces of information

Enhance the battery lifespan at once

Not only the above but there were so many new version of key functionalities of this battery calibration APK.

Plat and Battery Calibration at the same time:

If you are a gamer and love to play games and such kind of stuff. You can do the calibration and the gameplay at the real moment. So this battery calibration will never barriers your surfing for the phone you wants to use ongoing. So this is the best thing I definitely say to you guys to do multi-tasks at one time.

Additional information:

App Name: Battery Calibration

File Size: 47 KB

Current Version: 1.2

Developer: NEMA

Android OS Support: Android 4.0 and Up

Download Link: Click battery-calibration-1-2-en-android to Download