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Careplex Vitals in an Android App that will give complete information about your health. In the core respiratory systems, this app will let you know the level of oxygen present. In this post, you will get the APK for your Android devices.

The app is supportable for both Android and IOS devices, our this post is going through to deal with Android one. However, it is good to be healthy, so you can live a better life. A private company CareNow is behind the app and they also developing so many health products.

What is Careplex Vitals APP?

Our body totally depends on the level of oxygen that we inhale to make parts working. And this is directly or indirectly connected with the respiratory system. By checking the pulse rate you can get the right information about oxygen.

Even smartphones are making our daily routine very easy to perform every task. So now it will also help you to maintain your health from your smartphone. Careplex Vitals will help you out to do early steps to prevent any of the things that will hurt you.

App Screenshots:

Careplex Vitals
Careplex Vitals

This App is actually providing the best oximeter to monitor Realtime Oxygen levels in the human body.


You can do check three things at a time using this app. So these were the key feature of the app we are talking about.

  • Pulse Rate
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Blood Oxygen Level

Pulse Rate:

With the help of the app, you can remotely monitor the pulse rate of a person. You can also do self operate and find your conditions using just your phone.

Respiratory Rate:

Can monitor the Oxygen level in human respiration, simply using your phone. There is nothing to worry about it is easy enough to use.

Oxygen Level:

Check the level of Oxygen present within the blood of the human body. Details will be on your screen once you scan your one finger using this guide to use the app.

How To Use Health App?

Everyone can easily use the app by following below simple steps below one by one.

  • First of all, you have to download and install this application on your Android.
  • Click on the below download button to get the Careplex APK File for free,
  • Now tap on it and start the installation.
  • Open the app and click on the start scan button.
  • Place your index (First Finger) on the camera and just cover the flush light apart.
  • On start scanning, it will auto turn on your flashlight of the phone’s camera.
  • Keep your finger place on and the vitals count all these checks.

Once the process will end, the app decently shows you the Blood Oxygen level, Pulse rate, and Heart Beat or Heart rate.

Careplex Vitals is using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to help people health-wise. It has the ability to serve the respiratory, Saturation of Oxygen, and Heart rate in the human body. It is the most leading product in so many countries and providing great services. Countries like the United Kingdom, United States of America and now it is launched in India and so many Asian countries.

Final Words:

Initially one the installation of the Careplex Vitals App, you can monitor some free checks. After that, you can go for a monthly subscription very easily. Download it from this button below let us know if you have any problems while downloading such Android Apps from our website.

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