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Cheat ruok ff apk-Freefire is a fighting roulette game currently very popular in many countries, including Indonesia. With the growing popularity of the game, Garina, as the developer of Freefire, carries out maintenance every few months to fix the game’s system.

Whether it is suffering from bugs or other problems. To make your games win and to beat your opponent via an auto headshot. Cheat ruok is the way simple for free fire gamers.

Cheat Ruok ff Review

Free fire is a popular game with the largest number of players in the Battle Royale game category globally; so many pro players share their video content on YouTube. But unexpectedly, one of Thailand’s most popular Youtubers, Ruok FF, was also accused of using auto headshot fraud.

Because Roku’s skills are superior to other Free fire Pro players, many believe Roku uses the cheat Ruok FF application. While it is true that Ruok uses fraud, many other firefighters are very interested in using it in an FF fraud application.

App Screenshots:

Cheat Ruok FF
Cheat Ruok FF
Cheat Ruok FF

Features of Cheat Ruok FF:

One of the powerful and yet another working cheat app from different application makers. In the same category, tool skin falls and covers many aspects of FF. Let’s discuss all the features of this free fire cheat below.

Auto AIM

The other feature that is deceiving the block is the auto purpose. The auto purpose or precision aim can automatically direct the shot to the target. By enabling this feature, the image that is required will be aimed at long and close distances.

Market is running

The rock chat application is also embedded with a Medicaid Run feature that can enable healing on the go. So that one feature helps you.

Ghost order

Furthermore, this free firefighting application also has a lasting feature of the past that you can activate at any time in a war zone. This feature’s function is that the caricature you are using will not be visible to the enemy / hidden man.

Auto headshot

The first feature to stop FF fraud is an auto headshot. By using this feature, you can kill the enemy with just one shot. Very interesting. Of course, the auto headshot feature will be very helpful for a bounce.

Semi Smboss

The fifth feature included in the fraud is none other than semi-emboss (auto-objective), allowing users to shoot accurately without the first objective.

No scope

Furthermore, there is no scope for Rock Free Fire Cheating that can be used to shoot without the need for an educational location and the help of any scope at all.

Antenna body

Besides, Rock FF Cheat has a body antenna feature that can be activated at any time. Enabling this feature will place the antenna on the body of the character used.

Recall hack

The fourth feature involved in fraud is no useless or back hack. This feature will help you kill all the enemies in the free fire game.

Damage plus

Rock FF Chat Menu Mode has also embedded a Damage Plus feature that can kill enemies quickly, so you can easily win this battle relay game.


Maybe what we said above can help you, especially those who are currently cheating for fraud. So you have to follow from the initial steps to the last step, and you can use deception right now; all I can say is, thank you, enjoy Cheat Ruok FF.

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