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Chiken ESP
v1.0 (Beta)
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22 MB

Chicken ESP is a PUBG ESP hack that allows the player to manipulate the gameplay. It is named after the PUBG reward ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’. The developers are trying to send a message across that user will definitely get the chicken dinner with Chicken ESP.

Many PUBG hacks are famous worldwide like Wall Hack, Aimbot, ESP, and more but do these hacks cut the deal? Is it worth risking the gaming account? The answer is these hacks work and many users have reached ‘Conqueror’ and gotten chicken dinner with these hacks.

What is Chicken ESP?

If you are familiar with ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) hacks, you know how it works by providing the location of enemies to the user and also informs the player if there is an opponent nearby.

Developed by ChickenESP, this Android cheating application does not just hack PUBGM but other online games as well.

How Does it Work?

This works in the background by monitoring game data on the Android device. It just not provides the enemy’s location but also health status and more.
Do not be too obvious using this hack, act rationally so that other players won’t report you.

Why Chicken ESP?

Well, there are many ESP hacks developed by many developers, so what makes Chicken ESP so different. Why should a user install it?

  • Kill enemies in seconds with this hack.
  • Get to know if there’s an enemy nearby.
  • Identify resources, hidden items, and more.
  • Check the enemy’s location, health status, and more.
  • ESP menu contains Line ESP, Box ESP, and 360 Alert.
  • Absolutely free to download and use.

Is it Safe to Use Chicken ESP?

Users often have concerns using hacks as their gaming account is on the line. Even when developers claim the hack to be safe, there are certain risks attached.

Chicken ESP

The tight security system of the game often detects hackers and they end up losing their account. Chicken ESP is not safe to use as hacks always pose a threat. However, you can minimize the damage and stay safe by following these instructions.

  • Do not make it obvious that you are using hacks.
  • Do not offend pro players so as not to get reported.
  • Avoid using multiple hacks at a time.

Use the ‘visible only’ feature and hack the game from safe and private servers.

How to Download Chicken ESP?

If you are new to the hacking world, we will show you how it is done. We have provided the download link so that you do not have to go anywhere else to download it.

  • Download the APK file of Chicken ESP from the given link.
  • Procced to allow ‘Unknown Sources’ from security settings to install the modded version of this hack.
  • Locate the downloaded file and begin the installation process by clicking it.
  • An installation prompt will show up, click the install button and give it a few seconds to finish the whole installation process.
  • Ready to hack.

How to use Chicken ESP?

Start by adding this ESPand PUBGM in a virtual app. You can use Sameer Virtual & MidDroid Virtual on the go.

  • Run both apps in the aforementioned app.
  • If not already, root your device as it works for rooted devices only.
  • You will see a homepage with a menu list containing all the cheats.
  • Click the desired cheat that you wish to inject.
  • The hack will be automatically injected into the game.
  • Open PUBG and see the hack activated.

In brief, Chicken ESP is a killer hack that will surely get you Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. It is fully loaded with all the necessary hacks to make a player the last man standing.

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