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The criminal case is the best hidden objects game now here we are offering this game in APK format for your Android device. Get ready to solve murder cases through the hidden suspects. Your role in this game is a special officer. The specific tasks are given to you so you can find clues and objects to find the game behind the scene and solve the murder cases.

You have to arrest the murderers with evidence in every case. Show your detective skills and prove that you are the best to investigate crimes on the go. This game is full of adventures and thrills with thousands of realistic items to find out who is the serial killer. The game is filled up with a little horror to make you more excited.

The first case is which is provide to you to sort out and discover who kills the Rosa wolf. Just investigate the location where the dead body you find with some clue objects near to it. The mystery will not be solved if you do not find the item like the knife which is using to kill the suspect, the bloody t-shirt, the desk having broken edge, the cup which is broken during fighting between both during attempt.

The whole city is corrupt and people died day by day. To retain and bring the killer to justice examine samples and show evidence. Get the eyewitnesses to the interrogation room to interrogate them in your way.

The police force of Grimsborough is always there with you to handle these and you can also get any kind of support from that team. This criminal case needs high profile detective skills otherwise you are not able to make possibilities.

The criminal’s will taking part in the worst things. They never stop doing this unless you will be a success to punish them and save innocent people. Clean your city in time by approaching their network. Decide quickly and instantly to start solving cases from your area and find the truth in this amazing detective themed game.

There will also give a time to you that how much fast you solved any case. This count will show that how you having detective mind to appropriate yourself. It is depending upon you how to plan and reach the reality. It is much important to increase your skills and rating among the other players which are playing online with you. There is also a multiple modes are available to play and challenge your friends online.

To enhance your experience in (CC) criminal case you have to view the profile of the criminal in depth to find out something that will lead you to tackle given task. Every task is a level and you have to complete that level to reach next one.

This game is highly popular among all Facebook users since its first release in 2013. After that the developers made and Android version due to a lot of such users who increasing day bay day.

This game is completely free to download and play and some of the items are purchasable with real money. If you want to use even more features buy these from In-App purchase, If not then just disable this by navigating to the device settings.

According to the developer’s description, they create some limitations however their terms and conditions said that your age is must be at least 13 thirteen or above to enjoy the criminal case.

You will be rewarded when an impotent task is complete and your profile will receive stars when each case is solved. You have to know that there are about 130 varieties of cases with different criminal records.

The first case will give you 45 stars and the second one has 30 stars on finishing. This will continues till the end depending on your performance. Perform best to get maximum stars approach criminals as soon as possible. It is quite tougher the level coming up next.

Remember that there a lot of opportunities to become most popular and prove that you are the famous detective of all time. Play back to back cases starting from your own city and bring peace of your city back.

The given link of CC is only working for Android devices such as smartphones and download for android tablet. So what are you waiting for just download and install to let’s begin?