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Dumpster APK is an interesting application which saves your deleted files and creates a backup of that data. If you find something has been deleted unknowingly, you easily can go through that folder and restore the files again. You can say, Dumpster is a recycle bin in mobile phones, with some additional features.

You easily can have all the deleted data in that folder. Maintained privacy will allow others not to check anything in that folder.

Anyone who will want to see what files will input the password. And you only will see the data in that dumpster folder.

By using this Dumpster, all the files you think can impact you. If someone removes these files, can be found in dumpster APK.

No worries about any files, either these are photographs, video files, audio files, documents and other files, easily can be fetched and restore.

The latest version of Dumpster APK allows one to recover even some unknown and less used formats of the files. If the deleted data got so many files, you can make the categories. All image files will be in one folder, videos in the other, audio in the same way will be found in Audio file folder. So, that it becomes easier for you to have all the files in one place, and can recover any of the files if needed.

Free cloud storage is a great option there if you found, your pictures are important. But space is not enough to keep all of them. You can put those images or files in Cloud Dumpster. The files will remain safe there. When to be in need, can easily fetch the files and folders easily.

Features of Dumpster

  • Save the deleted folders and files which accordingly deleted.
  • Retrieve the important files, images, videos, audios, pdf and MS office files.
  • Free up the phone storage by making your data available in the cloud.
  • Auto clean option to clean your phone storage and make a list of all the data available on your phone
  • You can analyze the data and can delete which is useless or unnecessary.
  • Privacy option, no one can see the deleted files and folders.

Can support the 14 languages, so you can use any of the languages to easily deal with the files and folders
You can say, in other words, this Dumpster APK is a backup of your phone storage, any of the files which you deleted accidentally or knowingly can be fetched easily.

If you think this application is worth enough to install it on the Android phone device then must download it from the given download link.

Finally, we already have given a download link, tap the download button and get the files, install the file on your mobile phone and protect your all data from deletion.

Download >>> Dumpster Photo & Video Restore

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