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Elite Mod FF
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98 MB
KTM Modder YT

If you have tried to win the hectic battles of Garena Free Fire but couldn’t win. Then try this app and players will feel the difference. This app is only for those who are desperately waiting for the shortcut to win this highly popular game. The time has come now to try this mod app so all you need to do is, Download the Elite Mod Free Fire from our website link and enjoy its powerful features without any restrictions.

Garena Free Fire is highly famous among millions of people due to its graphics, storyline, and realistic competitions between players. Its popularity is increasing and it is among the topmost shooting survival game in the world. Many players want to win the unique battles of this game but some incompetent players couldn’t succeed. Have you ever thought that why the young generation is attracting to this game? Probably because of its stunning characters and their appearances. Some of the characters are replicas of showbiz or sports celebrities and these characters have special skills, appearance, and aim in the battle of Free Fire.

What is a Elite Mod Free Fire?

App by KTM Modder YT, the android app will let the players get all the premium features without even paying the charges. Players will enjoy multiple powerful features that can turn the game in favor of all the incompetent players. Don’t consider this an ordinary or typical app because it can powerfully remove all the obstacles from the way of victory.

Skins or appearances of these characters are locked in the game and these are the biggest source of income for gaming authorities. Because for unlocking the desired skins, players must have a pocket full of money. However, if you are not in a position to spend money then keep reading this resource till the end. Without any delay, let us explain Elite Mod in full detail.

There are many more similar options like this app is available to consider. Players can easily choose a mod app, injectors or different patchers from thousands of available choices. However, we are recommending this app because its developers have recently updated this app to ensure its compatibility with the game.

What are the key features of the app?

The amazing app is considered one of the best mod apps and it is specifically designed for the players of Garena Free Fire. We are exploring the most highlighted features of this app down here.

  • Upper Rank. By enabling this feature, users can get an upper rank without working hard for it.
  • Aimbot menu. Under this menu, players can get all the options that are helpful in enhancing their shooting skills of the players.
  • Aim Fov. This feature will empower the players to check the enemies that are coming from all directions.
  • Sensitivity. While using the sensitivity option, players can enhance the sensitivity of the game during shooting and aiming.
  • Auto Headshot. This feature will allow the players to take an accurate headshot of the enemy without missing any bullet.

Aim fire and others.

  • Esp Menu. Under this section, players can see through walls, terrain and can kill more enemies than usual players will be able to take a perfect shot by seeing their position behind the objects.
  • Esp line. When this feature is enabled, then players will be connected with their enemies through visible lines.
  • Esp Distance. Through this, players will be able to know the distance between the enemy and the players.
  • Esp name, location. With esp name and location, players can get to know the name and location of the enemies.
  • HD mode. Players will be able to enable or disable the HD mode.

Drone camera

With a drone camera view, all the players can get more information about the battlefield because the drone camera will show a broad view of the battlefield. Now they will be able to plan more killings and save a lot of time.


Developers of this Elite Mod have added an anti-ban feature in this app so that players can save themselves from getting a ban.

Ghost mode

This is the funniest mode because when this mode is enabled then players can see their enemies but enemies can not see the players that are shooting at them.

Running speed

In this mod app, the speed of the players will increase automatically so that they can run fast and save themselves from the attacks of enemies. Alternative Apps are united mods and Vip Mod Pro is working for free fire similarly.

Works on rooted or non-rooted.

This mod app is the same as the official game but it doesn’t have any premium features as everything is opened and ready to use for all the players without any restrictions.

  • Players can shoot during swimming and flying.
  • Medkit running.
  • Fake username.
  • Wallhack.
  • Telekill.
  • Teleport.
  • Weapon hack.
  • Rapid firing.
  • And a lot more others.

How to download and install the app?

Follow the given below instructions in order to download the app successfully.

  • By clicking the download button of the Elite mod, the process of downloading will start without any delay. When the process is over then the downloaded file will be available for installation in the downloads section of the device.
  • After locating the file from the download section of the device, double-click on it.
  • If the player will get any security alert pop-up then visit the android phone security settings and activate the unknown sources option.
  • Now a prompt will appear to get permission from the players. If they allow that pop-up then within a few seconds the installation process will complete.
  • And after completion of the process, the app is ready to use.

In final words

It is summed up that with the above-mentioned information you will get to know everything about this app because we tried our level best to provide you with all the relevant information. Elite Mod Free Fire is one of the best and compatible apps of Garena Free Fire. Developers of this app have developed the mod app by keeping all the needs of the players in their minds. So download this wonderful app and enjoy your favourite game Garena Free Fire with friends and family.

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