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Download emoji keyboard for android

It is a New color emoji plugin for Emoji Keyboard APK.  CrazyCorn so you should install the main app first. Included Android 6.0 New Emoji like Middle Finger, Taco and Nerd Face with Android Emoji style.

Please note that if your Android device is on android 6.01, maybe you can not see some emojis after you have input, but probably another user with these devices can see it.

This is the latest version of emoji keyboard available on here to avail its beneficial features we are providing the one-click direct download link located at the base of the post.

A beautiful theme keyboard that supports to input emoji in everywhere (like Facebook/Twitter), you can see the beautiful style keyboard UI and input emoji very convenient. Include too much cool and beautiful keyboard UI ios emojis on android.

Key features for Emoji Keyboard:

  • Emoji Text face support
  • Funny emoji support
  • Art emoji support of another most noteworthy
  • Same gesture slide input
  • Custom more personal fonts
  • Input Emoji in any apps
  • Custom keyboard and also a theme color.

Key text color and background color. Keyboard background and Suggest and preview color. Custom your like picture much as Keyboard Wallpaper.

Easy to use for beginners:

As it is safe to free and easy hence to use it from the navigation menu at any level. You can copy and past anything like emotions and general text template with your Android phone.

There are thousands of listed insertions that will make you so proud while on chatting with others using your mobile phone. Finally, in addition, it is easily finding new meanings for your complex words instantly.

Get to know also everything using your android smartphone and forward user experience to the next level. Make enhancements on several acknowledgment basis icons and keywords.

Gives you more face stickers and several text emoticons to express yourself. To send messages, to email someone or a normal discussion with your loved one.

Replace Emoji keyboard APK with your latest keyboard top-level brands seems like Samsung Galaxy and HTC sense 6.0.