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For Android OS device users ES file explorer or file manager is very useful on the go. This powerful application fulfills your computing need on your Android device.

With this program, you will be able to organize apk files on your Android (Smartphone or Tablet). It includes play store and easily capturing screenshots.  Ultimately stores them on your external memory by the same token.

That can be viewed randomly later at this point. This application app comes with integrated feature consequently.

Your files are well-managed but with the launch of the ES File Explorer apk, what had been enjoyed in the previous File Manager is even enhanced and made powerful.The app is specialized in device managing, especially for mobile phones. It will enable you to view the files on any Android device. Where some of its features are discussed right below.

That’s not at all downloading this file manager. In my opinion, it has a deep face inside and also a well-known app to call all in one pack.

Es file explorer Key features:

  • In addition to scan all APKs for antivirus, spyware, and malware in SD card (external memory).
  • Install apps on your device and rename/move them. (Replace the name by your choice).
  • However, you can search APK in any website by name.
  • Find duplicate apps and delete them just in a click.
  • Batch renames APK file.
  • Move apps to the app directory.
  • Create thumbnail for your images plus videos.
  • Send OR Receive apk files without Data file.
  • It will find old version app and categorizes them in a separate folder so you treat them well.
  • Compression and decompression support
  • Create and develop shortcuts for installed apps so you can easily access.
  • Show the multiple details of installed apps
  • Search and delete all duplicate APKs in one click
  • Make custom path to show in list
  • Search and share in the market.
  • Above all and much more are inside still waiting for you on in fact.

Support on several Android and other OS devices.


In other words, this is an offline installer application software to enhancements or enlargements a device as you wish. Thanks for being part of us.

Download the above apk file manager just clicking on the below link location which is free, safe and secure for your Android device.

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