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Under a secure connection from WiFi source this App is specially build to download or upload, to share or receive, and to transfer or shuffle files between several devices on the go. Fast file transfer APK enables you to make connections and shares data as a result.

This is well-known Application optimized for Android tablet, mobile phones, and other Smartphone, to ensure file transfer without any USB data cable.

It is easy to handle with quite simple UI user-friendly interface. Let your phone or tablet to the PC for allowing you to transfer media among both connected devices respectively.

This powerful unique application is enabling you to upload/download multiple files at the same time. In the case of browsing the internet with the help of Google Chrome browser when you want to share the entire folder to another device then this will let you do so.

  • Rather than above discussed lines for WiFi file transfer APK has so many key features and functions.
  • Have look at the below-listed features which are described by the developers of this outstanding Android App.
  • Rename any file or folder before share to one.
  • Delete or cut, copy or paste zip or unzip files using the built-in technology which is already installed in the App.
  • You can get access to these features from the file manager.
  • The control panel allows setting a password to make more secure your files in the inbox.

There were shortcut navigations from the sidebar to navigate your stored photos, audio files, music and video galleries.

A great service is perfectly enabling you to run this app in the background. While the transfers are in awhile you can process another work with your Android device. Maximize and the minimum will easily manage in your way.

Now integrated thumbnail gallery is almost available to this latest version so you can view photos directly in your web browser.

It wills automatically starts when your devices have already connected to your personal network. You can set this feature in the optional. Whenever you disable and enable it again.

Stay connected to your computer machine over the wireless connection and start sharing your important files to your own another device or family friend’s mobile phone, tablet, Laptop device or a desktop device as well. So how to use this file transfer APK with easy and quick way:

  • Connect the two devices this will make strong bond among them.
  • Start your WiFi connection by clicking the turn on the button from settings.
  • Ensure that both devices must have to connect to the same network.
  • You can copy your item which is to be share.
  • Paste the copied URL in file explorer.
  • Run to scan the file manager.

Your desired file is successfully transferred to the next devices; it may be your computer or maybe other Smartphone. Download fast file transfer APK from the link as follow.

Download >> Fast File Transfer APK