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Get Fb auto commenter APK (comment king App) for Android devices and increase your comments on any shared facebook status. Auto comment is an application that will enable you to comments on your any post on your facebook profile, facebook page, group and your personal images. You can use this app successfully by following the given steps just right below.

  1. It has a simple functionality just add a photo that you wants to boost.
  2. Adding a photo can be performed by simply add the picture URL.
  3. Pasting the link and import the file which is made in our file as http://autocomment.pe.hu/us.
  4. Set the comment you have to write the comment to show on your Picture after that.
  5. And also indicate the time interval between all comments.
  6. Setup time range for your comments.
  7. You can select check all days from the given option.
  8. You can do this to all of your shared photos on facebook.
  9. Turn on or off whenever you want to stop or restart.

When you can add the post once to this app then you have to do nothing more.

Now it is our turn and we enable this task easy for you.

Now tap on it and you are done the job and comments you can see go there to really the location.

Comments are appearing just now to your desired picture on the go.

Another version of FB auto comment 2.1 also is download from it landing page.

FB Auto Commenter APK How to Add a post:

  • Log on your facebook account.
  • Go to the group where you posted your photo.
  • Copy the post link from your browser.
  • At the top, you have an address bar where your link can locate.
  • Just select all copy it.
  • You can use shortcut keys also. Ctrl + A to select all and also Ctrl + C to copy.
  • Can add one or more link to pictures at the same time.
  • Once importing all just open auto comment and click on the post.

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