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Whenever it comes to the Android security Fingersecurity is the name first comes to mind. If you are an Android geek and wants to secure your phone. Then I must say that you are in a good place to get finger security apps for free of cost. You can just protect your device with your own fingerprints. This application is using the primary method fingerprints as you smartphones security. So keep your phone secure and make an authentic lock instead of other locks. Other security locks are definitely works, but sometimes it is easy to guess. Everyone can hardly or in less but opens the locks and different tricks. But Finger Security is the one only works when you touch your fingers on the screen.

Why Fingersecurity to use?

I personally recommend the Fingersecurity Apk to set it right away and feels much secure. The app uses the sensor to set the lock for you are even on apps you manage on the device. You have to just once save your fingerprints from the app settings and you were done. The app comes up with so many powerful and legit features, we are going to discuss them right on this spot.

Key features:

  • It is easier to use and much smarter to set
  • Protect app of your choice that you are currently using
  • It is simple to turn on and turn off by a widget
  • Select custom images to the lock screen
  • Automatically make security when you install new apps and games
  • You can give specific peoples fingerprints to unlock particular apps
  • You can try to access multiple applications at once
  • If someone spy or try to unlock your phone without your permission the app takes the picture of that person.

When you set this type of security using the app we are providing ist auto shows up a crash dialogue. So, it is more protective and defensive for you in any matter. Additionally, you can use pin or password underneath the fingerprint as you want to. It depends on you, however, use the fingerprint, pin or password or pattern to open the phone.


The app definitely works on all Android OS devices for security purposes. If you want full proof security just go to download Fingersecurity APK file from our website. It is more protective and your friends will not able to access easily. You can get the premium version of this app if you afford for additional features. Here is the free version that almost includes above and so many features inside. Give it a try and feel free to leave a comment in down section, if you have questions about. You might like to try Fingerprint lock screen.