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If you are searching for a tool that can help you in removing the FRP lock of an Android phone. Then your search might end after downloading FRP Bypass APK Rootjunky.

Rootjunky is the only application software that unlocks the FRP lock of every phone. Either you got a phone from Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Nokia and much more, at the Google account details which were previously logged in.

What is FRP lock?

Originally the FRP lock in a phone is made for the security reasons. The person who finds your mobile and knows the password can erase all of your mobile phone data.

FRP Bypass

To save the saved data of the phone, Android took the major step and made the option to provide the Google the last account logged in details, to erase the data. But to get that option, you need to enable FRP lock option when you use a mobile phone

How To Remove FRP lock?

To remove the FRP lock is not a kid game. You have somehow technical knowledge behind this lock. And should know how the FRP lock work, after that you could remove the FRP lock using any of the tools. Also, the RootJunkySDL will be available upon the site.

Before the development of FRP Bypass APK Rootjunky, there were some tools in the market, which remove the FRP locks of limited brands. And for most of the brands like Samsung, they were a waste of time.

FRP Bypass APK Rootjunky

After the product of Rootjunky, now you can remove any mobile phone FRP lock.

First, download the mentioned tool, from the given link below, we have already given you a download button, tap the download button and get the file.

How To install?

Your mobile phone should be connected to Wi-Fi before using the tool.
And also download RealTerm Program.

FRP Bypass Rootjunky
  1. Make all the setting on your computer, Install FRP Bypass APK Rootjunky on your computer and RealTerm Program as well.
  2. And then first launch RealTerm Program, and then launch the app.
  3. And follow the given mentioned instructions on the program
  4. Select your model, brand, and tap on the FRP remove button

You should watch some Rootjunky tutorial before using this; hope you will get an idea of using it.


  • The only application which faces on every Android mobile phone, version, and model
  • You can have this free, without any charges or fee
  • Can even get services if the tool does not compatible with your phone or does not remove the FRP lock of your phone
  • Work fine on all Windows versions
  • Last and the least, great interface, simple navigation, one can explore the entire application with just a few button clicking

Tap the download button to get the file, I hope the download link will be working fine, if not then comment down in the section.

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