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Gboard APK is a great initiative taken by Google to help users to type more in less time. This keyboard allows you to write in a way you want to write. You got a bunch of options, tools and other advanced features, which help you in typing with the setting you want. Like, if you do not like the numbers row while typing on your phone, you can get this disabled by just one tap. And you got the option to write in your own language, there are 26 languages on this keyboard. And in one time, you can have three language setting.

You can download the latest and updated version of Gboard APK from the given download link. Just tap the download button and get the APK file on your device. Install it safely, and increase your typing speed with some expressions.

Google Gboard Android is the best typing keyboard, type faster with the typing grid.

You also have the search button there, just tap on the G button on the left side of the keyboard, and it will take you to Google.

Search location, search restaurants, shopping malls, and much more with just typing. You have no need to open a new tab to search for a location, just hit the G button and the stuff is done.

Gboard has everything that you love and want for a Keyboard, it got the speed, it got the reliability, and secure as well.

You even can type using your voice, and if you do not want to speak English to write on your Keyboard, change the setting and put your desired language in Voice search.

If you do not want the G button to show on your screen, go to the setting, and disable the option simply.

Emoji has made this keyboard stand out in the crowd. You can use now any expression to hit the nail right. And also can search the emoji with the expressions. Example, if you want to search emoji related to happiness, just search for happiness.

And you will get all the emoji of the keyword, use this and express you feeling a better way.

Features of Gboard APK:

Gboard has made your typing lot easier. It has given you flexibility, reliability, and easiness. Share your location easily; share the restaurant address or any shopping mall with just one tap of your finger.

  • Hundreds of languages can be used over here
  • Hide or show the number row on your phone
  • Direct search on Google just pressing the G button on the left side of the Gboard.
  • Get your Google app on every other application, on YouTube, Gmail, and others
  • Change the language easily
  • Change the colors and the themes to your desired color and theme

So, you can download the latest version of Gboard APK from the given download link. Just tap the download button and get the app on your phone. Hope the download link will be working fine, if not then comment down in the section.

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