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You use Whatsapp, yes? If so, do upgrade directly from your play store your Whatsapp application, as you don’t use which applications from the apk web install. But you should learn about GBwhatsapp if it is admiring to use a double WhatsApp server.

My first Application was Gbwhatsapp APK file version 3.20. While it is old and believe me, I’m continually updating it. Back in 2016, the only app I knew is GBwhatsapp, which helps me to run multiple applications on the same phone. But now features like the Parallel application and many others are available.


GBwhatsapp app download is an Android phone user’s Whatsapp apk. Before you can install it, the Gb WhatsApp does not require rooting. And as the app is an apk directory, Google Play Store can not access it. Gbwhatsapp is a minor change to the more version if you recognize Gbwhatsapp plus, and with the app. You can concurrently perform two WhatsApp on the same phone without hindering one another.

Even GB WhatsApp, or non-GB WhatsApp, has more features to access from Google Play Store than the standard Whatsapp for all Android users.

From Where GB Whatsapp  can  be downloaded

  1. Make aware you can access the GB Whatsapp software only on APK websites or GBwhatsapp official websites because it is an APK request. Below, though, we would like to discuss how it can be downloaded and activated on your Android phone.
  2. Open your computer with a new tab and visit the official GBwhatsapp web page. Google’s Chrome browser is the perfect way to track yourself easily. And download from here directly
  3. Install GBWhatsApp Mod V6.00 New Update and press the Download button halfway down from the GB WhatsApp site.
  4. You will be brought to the GBwhatsapp apk update site with a new window. After that, on the page of the update, click on permission to start downloading and click on ‘ Yes, ‘ that GB device apk file can be downloaded.

Configuration of GBWhatsapp

The GBWhatsapp version varies from the official WhatsApp that you can import and update from the play store directly. But since GB is not included in the play store, it is marked as an unidentified program. You first have to allow the installation of an unknown software origin on your mobile phone to download the GB WhatsApp apk update. You will install GBwhatsapp after uploading the protocol below.

  1. Swipe your Android phone and browse to settings or tap from your device list to open your system settings.
  2. Tap on the system settings or settings depending on the phone set up, scroll down halfway through the page.
  3. Click to make unidentified source activation.
  4. A new window will appear to verify that you know you want to allow unknown source installation-i.e. Apps in which the GBwhatsapp is a standard example of an app from an unknown source that you want to download.

After the installation is complete, the apk software should be updated from an unknown source, and no obstruction should occur. Otherwise, the apk file can not be downloaded.


To highlight the Wallpaper and layout different subjects for individual accounts on GB WhatsApp. You should link to GB WhatsApp themes with different variations. This app is fantastic and refreshing, I regularly use it over the past four years. Post your views in comments and immediately switch over to stock of the WhatsApp from the Google Play Store if you are suspended temporarily.

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