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How to use Game Guardian

No doubt, Game Guardian APK is one of the top used and rated application, but most of the guys do not know how to use Game guardian for hacking of the games. I found comments on our blog regarding the installation of Game Guardian, some of the guys were struck into the first step of installation, and they claimed the application is not working for them. The reason is the Game Guardian APK only works for the rooted device, if have not rooted your device, it will not work for you. Second, the most important, you need to change the security setting of your device. You should check the unknown sources button in your device’s security.

Now, if you have installed the application, and confused about how to use Game Guardian APK to hack games, then read the next lines.

First step: You should root your devices

Second step you should check the unknown sources button

Third step: It only works for the offline games; you can manipulate the numbers, like your health numbers, your wealth number same like numbers here.

How to change game numbers using Game Guardian

As I mentioned above the application only use to modify the numbers within the game, you can change the numbers of your games, for example, if you have got 300 dollars in your game, you can change it to your desired number.

You can change the score of your game; can allocate your favorite maximum number. Yes, it is cheating, and what we are doing here is cheating or hacking, that is the purpose of the game

  • Now, I am going to hack a game, you need to play that game, play some stages, cross some hurdles, and then cheat or hack the game.
  • I am going to play Tiny Miner, this is a random single player game, and Game Guardian mostly works for the Single Player game. Online hacking of the game, can lead you to the crashing of the game; do not try online game hacking.
  • I have crossed some hurdles and within some moments, I earned about 500 dollars, now I am going to change that number
  • Here will resume the game, and will remember the digit 500, and open the Game Guardian. It will load in some moments and will give you a search bar. Where you need to enter the query which you want to hack. In my case, I want to hack, 500 numbers and want to maximize the digit.
  • I will put 500 there, and the search will start if the result is less than ten queries. It will be OK to change all the results. If the queries are more than 10, and you will change all, it will lead you to crash the game.
  • Suppose, it is more than ten numbers shown here, now, you need to change your score, open the game again.
  • Purchase something out there and change the digit 500 to any number. Like we purchase and the number is now 446, you need to put that 446 in the search bar to search the number. This time it will show, one or two results, you can change the value to your desired value. Select the number there 446 and change it to 7869, just randomly what you want.
  • Then press OK, you will see the number has been changed to 7869. You can enjoy that number, and still can search any desired number and change.

That was the little info regarding how to use Game Guardian APK to hack games.

Hope you will like it if you are feeling it difficult to follow any step, still. You can comment down in the comment section. We would like to brief the step once more.

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