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iMOBA Injector
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iMOBA Injector is the best way to unlock ML skins. You can change the background and Analog in the gameplay. Use the maps to find your locations, Drone views for a better gaming experience. Altogether we can say that you will able to improve your MOBA skills with this app.

If you are a newbie in mobile legends, I assure you that this game supplies a wonderful experience for people of all ages. You call it a battle against multiple characters, called heroes, who fight for victory. In addition, there are some traits that you will not receive from the official version of the game.

Trying to tweak the game can be the defeat mistake you can make because it is a game offline and hard to do.
All your progress will be lost. This is exactly what some websites and apps do because they declare to be able to hack the server for you, but everything goes wrong. So to find a solution to all your trouble you need an injector like iMoba.

What is iMOBA Injector?

It gives users an approach to various features that they will not miss if they play the game alone. This decreases the risk of being blocked, losing your account, and making long-term progress. Yes, it is safe to use.

App Screenshots:

iMoba Injector
iMoba Injector
iMoba Injector

Features of iMOBA

Unlock all skins for free

If you wear skins to spin your characters into the most fashionable or mobile legends, you’ll have to hack up some diamonds. Well, not real diamonds, but essential stones are used as currency in the game. It is a similar version to the New iMOBA app that previously we have shared on our website.

However, if you are uncared for, you will not be able to take a loan from another player as if you were in a bank. As such, you will be pressured to spend real money and buy more diamonds to get your desired skin.

Anti-Ban version

There are scoundrel injectors who claim mystery for the progress of your mobile legends, but once you take the risk and dive in, you will lose not only your progression but also the respect of your peers.

So the possibility is restricted by using a simple skin unlock app so you can wear your favourite characters. People should not be penalized for trying to kill their own characters.

So download and install the iMoba Injector APK. Also, safely unlock all skins of your characters and skins.


That sounds lovely good to be true, isn’t it? With an app that gives you approach to all the amazing and locked features of great games like mobile games.

To top it off, the app is free without any status or membership. The only necessary is to download, install and then open the application.

Drone map

Imagine that you can decide the scale of the desired drone scene ML. With the assist of the injector’s nugget, you can adjust the scale of your drone scene at any time and select the options you like. Drone battles or drone cards.

Background change

After playing a mobile legend game for a period, we find the background of the player interfaces a bit boring. That’s not enough to send you into the next fight in the lobby. We all like some background changes and ML The injector gives you the opportunity to do it yourself.

You can also change background loading, lobby and battle loading.

Replace Analogue

However, there are times when the game’s analogues affect our control over the battleground. With the ML injector, however, you can easily return the virtual analogue in the game.

Additional development functions

When you download iMoba Injector, it usually has a limited number of traits or functions and even stays without any upcoming updates. This makes such apps uninteresting after a while and is just good for taking up space on your phone.

However, the ML injector brings you the expected growth in the future, which is astonishing.

How do you use an iMOBA Injector?

I have referred to this huge list of skins that you can utilize to unlock through this application. So there is a procedure by which you can unlock this costume.

Therefore, all of the above software is accessible for free. So, you just require to add it to your gaming account through the process you share.

How to install iMOBA?

  • Open any file manager and negotiate to the downloaded location.
  • Tap the APK file. Here Android Security will ask you to enable the Unknown Sources option. Turn on
  • Now go back to the identical place and install iMOBA Injector on your Android device.
  • Open it and let it save.
  • Now select the option on the home page and play the game.

Final Word

To enjoy mobile legends from different perspectives, download iMOBA Injector and get access to the best features of Mobile Legends.

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