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IVMS 4500 APK is an especially design software for Android Mobiles phone and tablets. This is a mobile phone client that will allow you to control remotely the live videos using the wireless network technology. You can easily embed videos in your favorite in different formats like NVR, DVR, Mobile camera and playbacks records etc. This application IVMS 4500 APK is working currently on Android OS 4.0 or up. SO be sure to have the desire OS version on your smartphone.

Using this software on your Android device you will control several other cameras. This way you can make a networking and connect them at one place. So you can monitor each and everything on your Phones screen by just installing IVMS 4500 right away.

Your phone must have this resolution to support the live or video you want to record. 480*800, 480*854, 960*540, 1280*720, 800*1280 or 1920*1080. You must have the WiFi network, 2G or 3G, 4G internet connection to your phone. The key features are just here below, I narrate them in few lines accordingly. Try WiFi Connector APK


  • Allows you to preview several channels at the same time
  • Set angles, camera moments and swipe for your PTZ controls etc
  • Connect to the local IPs and smartly configure each of them
  • Can easily zoom in and zoom out
  • Gives you the best streaming quality in several ways
  • Set four different video previews on the screen of your phone to monitor four different locations at the same time
  • Can take pictures as well and store them in your preferred storage

Download and save these videos and can share online with anyone

If you find that the real-time previews are not working or you can see the blur screen. Then make sure to reduce the screen resolution level.

Get IVMS 4500 APK file for your Android device by just clicking the download button just right below. Start recordings at different places and monitor then at one screen.