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Hello, folks today we are going to share with you an interesting application, which will resolve all of your passwords related problems. You have no need to remember all your passwords either it will be for a registration form or for a social networking website. You just need to download keepass2android offline and install it on your Android device.

KeePass2 is the most famous password manager, it helps you to create, store and access your username and passwords. A password manager is like the manager to save and store your passwords and organize them to keep you secure online. KeePass2 is also one of those software managers, which helps users to manage their long passwords that are difficult to remember.

You should make set up of KeePass2 in your flash drive and carry it with you, by using this you would be able to access all your passwords and URLs with a single master password, even you can save that master password. This password manager not only puts the Password of your described website but also will put the username. Stick in here to learn how to use KeePass2android offline.

First, you need to download this software manager; you can download the latest version from our website. At the end of this post, we have given a download link; you can easily download the file. Open the downloaded file and extract the file. Click on the “KeePass2.exe” file and run this file. It will pop up to save your file; browse the place where you want to save all database of your password manager. Give a name to this file, you can remember easily, like my password.kdbx.

After that, it will take you to put a master password, put that master password. This is the most important password; you need to remember this only password to access all of your passwords. Now you can save your passwords, stronger one, manually also.

Let us imagine you are signing up for an account, you put your username and in the field of the password, you want to save a special one, stronger password. This time, when you want to save this via KeePass2, go to the KeePass2 and click on add entry. Save the name of your website and username, it will generate a stronger password, copy that password and put it in the password field on your registration form.

Now you do not know what password you saved for that specific website. Click on KeePass2 and click on Perform auto type. You will easily log in to that website.

You can click on manual password generation, special characters, digits, and numbers, whatever you like to put in your password. Can specify the total characters of your password, but always make it minimum to eight characters.

This was only a little bit info about KeePass2Android Offline, to explore all features; you need to use this amazing application. In the case of any query, comment down in comment area section. We already have provided you a download link at the end of this post. Tap on the download link to download the APK file.

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