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MarJoTech PH
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MarJoTech PH

Marjotech PH is another technical example of how technology is making our life easy. It is specifically made to unlock features that can only be achieved by either spending money or Diamonds. With this app, you can implement cheats, change skins, and costumes of your favorite game characters.

It is winning the hearts of MLBB players with its simplicity and innovative features. Rank booster and costume changer are the two most famous features of the App. It gives a noticeable push to improve your position in the gameplay.

Besides providing a solution to the basic problems, it is also made to fix the bugs that are coming in the way of your win. The latest tweaking tool Marjotech PH is hell-bent to improve your gaming experience with themes, maps, chess maps, and other important additions.

What is Marjotech PH?

Like most of the similar apps, the prominent features of Marjotech PH include spawn effect, emotes, border, and recall effects, etc It offers all paid skins of the tank, marksman, fighter, assassin, and mage. The recall features include firebolt, fire crown, MSC, the seal of the anvil, saber, summer gala, emerald road, sky guard, ice, kof, etc. Emote includes bye-bye, come get me, guitar hero, here I come, hide and snake, love ya, and a lot more. The drone view feature makes the hunting easy by giving a better sight of the opponents.

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Marjotech PH Injector

How to Download & install?

Installing Marjotech PH is a little tricky for the newbies but this hacking tool can be easily downloaded and installed by following these steps;

You must have Mobile Legends: Bang! Bang! to download and use this tool. If you haven’t installed the MLBB yet go download it from the play store first.

  • Go to the official Marjotech website to download the app.
  • Find the “download” option and click to start downloading.
  • Go to the setting and enable the “unknown source”
  • Search for the apk file in downloaded options.
  • Now go back to the downloads and tap on the file to install.
  • The process will be done in one or two minutes.
  • Once the file is successfully installed. Open using the latest password given, explore, and start implementing the rewarded features.

How to Use the Marjotech PH?

In our previous post, you will see how to use the lotus injector for your phone. That’s the same, anyways you can do look into this below scene to understand better.

  • Enter the password to open the app.
  • Enable storage permission to move forward.
  • You will reach the home page. Find your desired options.
  • Select your favorite feature.
  • Switch on the cheat.

Go to the Mobile Legends Bang Bang again and start playing with this new injected feature.

Since it is illegal how to use it more safely?

It’s an illegal and unethical way of winning the game so you must know that your account can get blocked by the Mobile Legends authority as soon as they detect the malicious activities.

So, to prevent the loss of data and account blocking it is suggested to use it with a parallel space app. Using them together reduces the chances of account blocking to a noticeable extent.


  • Small in size
  • Unlocks all necessary paid features
  • No signup required
  • Easy injection method
  • Give free access to premium skins


  • Illegal
  • Not so reliable
  • It’s unethical to win this way
  • Works best with parallel space app only
  • It is not officially endorsed by Mobile Legends Bang Bang

App Password

This latest version does not require any password to download install and use. So you can run the application free of cost.

Final Words:

Marjotech PH is another useful tool for impatient players that do not want to spend their money and diamonds on unlocking the important features. It’s an illegal way of unlocking the skins, costumes, and implementing cheats so to play safe and prevent account blocking it should be used with the parallel space app.

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