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Minecraft is one of the most played and sensational game ever seen. People around the globe are a fan of this mind-blowing game. Minecraft this year sold about 54 million copies of different versions of this game. So, if you really want to be creative and want to build your own home like the way you want in the real world, Minecraft pocket edition will be the best choice to go.

Though the game was not initially developed for mobile phones or smartphones- it was for the consoles and high-ended PCs. But, after witnessing the popularity of gaming on smartphones. The officials started mulling over to develop the Android version of the games.

History of Minecraft

The game was developed and designed by the famous Swedish developer Markus Person, and Mojan also developed by the same developer. The very first version of the game released in 2009, the graphics and other drawback were there and it could not hit the marks.

But, the person followed the sheer soul of the game, and the final outcome was very impressive. He always dreamed of developing such a game in which one could build anything. So, now what you take on your console is not the first version of the game.

Though, the mobile version may not offer you that wide range of features and functions what we use to get on consoles or on PC. The popularity of the game went one step ahead in kids, and they starting taking the simulation game very seriously. Though kids should be creative, and playing the games like Minecraft made them more creative. But, living in the virtual world, and dreaming about the game all the time may not be right. And should keep close eyes to their kids, and should not allow them to keep playing the game by sitting idle.

The gameplay:

  • I could not find any other game releasing my imagination the way this Minecraft does.
  • You only need to imagine what you want to build, a shape in your mind and start developing it in the game.
  • The possibility is very everything, from ammunition to home, to weapons to Burj Khalifa and sky-scraping buildings.
  • The world of Minecraft is not all the time happy, what may seem by reading some posts.
  • The other face of the coin is the monster- what use to come to destroy your creation.
  • And to cope with them, and face-off, you need to build the weapons.

You need to train the people around you, living with you, build an army to collapse with them. By playing this Minecraft game on your Android phone, you will get the feeling of completion, like you have achieved something. Though the graphics are not engrossing, and you will have to handle the bad performance of the developer on this particular aspect.

Full of adventure a game:

  1. Minecraft is the game full of adventures, full of creative work.
  2. In the game where you can compose your own world, own blocks and other stuff to live.
  3. You can move around anywhere from the first person perspective, and build anything you want.
  4. The game is not like thinking and getting, you have to go through the process, like the way you use to go in the real world.
  5. To build the home from the woods, you need to cut the trees and make woods from them, and then build the home.
  6. In the same way, to build the home from blocks, you need to first build the blocks, and then move to the next step of building a home.
  7. The game can go as far as the imagination takes you- one can even build a Burj Khalifa if determined.

If you have played Minecraft, you know the value of creating there. Crafting of items is everything in the game, and at many steps, you might feel stuck; at that point get the help of search engines.

When the very first time, I had my hands on the game, I did not know about the value of crafting. And could not make the next step from cutting the trees to building the homes, but, later in time, by spending some more time, and paying some more focus, I learned everything. The game is very addicting, and it can eat up lots of your precious time, so you need to keep count yourself. This Minecraft APK grabs your attention from the very beginning of it, the way a good movie amasses the attention.

So, if you really want to go through the world which is very creative, must play Minecraft APK. Get this game from the given download link, and install it on your phone