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My liker APK (My FB Liker) is one of the best auto liker APK for all Android Smartphones. It increases Facebook like on your pictures from your friend’s infrequent of you really know. MY Liker app is a good working app in all Smartphone and tablet.

This is an awesome step to increase Facebook automatic likes and comments on your shared photos, statuses which you often shared your photography to your FB wall. It safe and trustworthy with recent updates are apply by developers to make sure about its performance. Getting 100 to 200 likes whining your eye blink with no charges at all.

The legend App is really powerful and some of my friends are using this with 100 % success rate so they incest me to put the app for you on my website. It is much popular due to its outstanding results to gain likes and comments on some instant quick taps around.

It increases comment also, share, group member, and page likes. You get more like so download my liker app from our website easily. MY LIker app is the good working app on all android platforms to boost up social discussions on the go.

It is a much powerful enhance your profile popularity within seconds. To grow up your selective picture simultaneously you have to download this App on your device and install it the right way to get benefits of its unbeatable services.

Additional information for My Liker APK:

  1. It is support for all Android devices having OS version 2.3 and up.
  2. The current version is v2.51 and its latest version on all stores.
  3. Type of file is APK format so this will supportable on any kind of Android model.
  4. File size is 2.0 MB.

In the very natural way the likes are fluent to your profile and in numbers, you are allowed to reach two thousand to three thousand in a row.

Mostly auto Liker is providing likes from some fake accounts, sometimes there was no account at all. Bu still the auto liker insist to go through with that scam robotic profiles, this is worrying for the real time. But don’t worry about this one My Liker APK is showing all the aspects. Original profiles which are using by real peoples rather than anything else.

So, I don’t think you have to wait for a single moment to download this amazing app from the given link and install it on your mobile phone, tablet or other Smartphone’s. is India’s popular instant increases for images, videos, fan page’s, group discussions. By exchanging each other’s were peoples are come to my liker APK to fulfill their requirements.

This automatic tool App is free to use, secure your privacy and having an attractive user-friendly interface. With quick navigation, make it easier to newbies. Such as one-click login and enter your token to access the entire data to start getting unlimited likes, followers, pokes, and comment in few minutes.

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