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The app navigation gestures are actually for the old phones to have newer navigations. When you are checking a new Android device and you just love that. Now you want that thing into your phone.

Right..? Then you cam to the right place. Just download navigation gestures APK file right now. So you can apply a very new cool look to your home screen.

On your phone, you can install this Application and can replace the old buttons with a new style. You can use the app without rooting your devices. The gestures are like swipe navigations.

The swipe up, swipe down and swipe right and the swipe left are working. You can customize colors and apprentices and all the aspects were free to avail. Below we can also check these implants features of the navigation gestures Apk.

key Features for Navigation Gestures:

With different kinds of gestures, you can control your phone. However, the customization is very much easy and smart to have your own gestures.



  • Single Tap
  • Double Tap
  • Tap and hold


  • Swipe Left, Right, Up and Swipe down
  • Swipe Left and hold
  • Swipe right and hold
  • Swipe Up and Hold.

All kind of swipes, like up, down, left and right swipe. Hide the already stock navigation completely and free.

Perform below Actions:

  • Can back the screen
  • Go to the home screen
  • Shuffle navigation bars
  • Shows recent apps
  • Open previous apps
  • Hide pill

Anybody can customize and appearance and colors of the pill. Hight, width, and radius are adjustable. Also, navigation gestures are giving you opportunities for behavior customizations. All the above features are free and instant to use.

Free Download:

Download navigation gestures APK file latest version v1.18.4 for Android. It is the application to Free swipe gestures navigation options and can give a beautiful home screen for you. Supporting no root or without root Android devices.

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