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NP Modz is the latest app for Mobile Legends that will allow the player to turn on most of the functional features for free. If you are curious about the app then Download Naruto Ph Modz via the given link in our post.

ML is the topmost powerful combat game of the modern era. The Player has to defeat 49 other players (that are taking part in the battle from different corners of the world) to get the winning position. The hectic competition between these players is not easy as they require full concentration and lots of patience until the tasks will be completed.

Not everyone wants to be that perfect one, who wins by following all the rules of the game. Players always find other ways to get instant success without practicing the game. If you are like that, then we have an app for you that is NP Modz, give it a try and it will change everything around in the favor of the player. Keep reading this resource for further detail.

What is a NP Modz?

Developed by Naruto Ph Games, it is an android app that gives free access to all the items that are categorized as premium features. It is the modified version of mobile legends that is packed with all the items that a player dreams of buying. With the help of the tool, players can smash enemies in no time and push their ranks effortlessly.

Players will not be able to win even a single match with limited resources and skills. But this app will serve as external support and give the excess to all the resources that are essential for winning.

Is it safe to use the tool?

No, the tool is not safe and sound. These types of apps violate the rules and the security team of the game always takes strict actions against such players. The authorities will ban the gaming account once detected for a certain time period. These kinds of apps will not only put the gaming account at risk but the player will lose all the in-game progress permanently.

Are there any precautionary measures a player should take to minimize the risk of a ban?

Gaming authorities are always working on the security system of the game to make it more strong so that they can detect the culprit instantly. These apps, scripts, and other similar tools are a guaranteed way towards a ban. Still, several thousand players are playing games with these apps. Despite the risk, if someone wants to use these apps then follow these points to minimize the risk.

  • Use any virtual app and make a fake account then apply these kinds of apps on it. It will lower the risk of a ban.
  • Don’t get over-excited while playing, use only one feature at the same time.
  • Multiple features can make the player suspicious in the eyes of the opponent and at the end of the match will surely report him to the authorities.
  • Attempt to play like an ordinary player and be a good player.

What are the key features?

The NP Modz is full of all the best features that will convince the players to immediately download the tool. The tool gives the mod menu of your favorite game. Just give it a try and get all the essential features of the tool. Given below are the most promising features of the tool.


The tool will improve the shooting skills of the player. To enhance this skill the tool offers other services like,

  • Auto Aim,
  • Aim Scope,
  • Aim Crouch,
  • Auto-Fire,
  • Aim Fav 360,
  • Aim spot, 1,2,3,
  • Aim Distance,

ESP Tricks

ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception that helps the players in making a killing strategy timely.

  • ESP info
  • ESP fire
  • ESP Grenada
  • Car Features

Work All-Mode Features

Np Modz ESP Hero
  • Map Hack Icon
  • Radar No Icon
  • Fix Grass
  • Hide Name
  • Drone View
  • Spam Chat
  • Esp Hero Lock
  • Max Emblem

Custom Features

  • Unlock All Skin + Upcoming
  • No Skill Cd
  • Wall Hack
Np Modz Skins

Players will be able to use the fly car and underground car in this category. Telekill player and Telekill car will be included as additional features.

Night Mode

Players can play games in night mode if they love night mode.

ML Skins

The tool gives a noticeable amount of skins to the favorite ML characters and heroes.


The app is secured with a user name and password, players have to enter username and password to use the app. But this version didn’t comes with any sort of password.

Ghost Mode

When Ghost mode will be enabled then it will be more difficult for the opponents to sense the presence of the player.

Others Features

  • Chams Mode.
  • Medkit Running.
  • Wallhack stone.
  • And few others.

In a Nutshell

So it is summed up that using NP Modz PH, players will no longer be fearful while standing against the enemies. The tool will provide the best features that will beat the rivals like a pro. It will provide an effortless victory to the players.

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