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We much more aware about the online dictionaries like oxford offline dictionary apk. These are most likely they were websites having the feature so that you can get benefits while surfing the internet. But we are here to introduce the best legend dictionary that is going to make you work even in offline mode. So by that means I added the offline to the title as well.

Once your install the App in your android device you are allowed to use all the included features on the go. Find any word within seconds and make English language easier more than ever. Now forget all those manual book format dictionaries after download this offline dictionary App from our website.

  • It is explains the English complex words into simple that you better understand.
  • Provide definitions based on English Wiktionary and OXford vocabulary.
  • Works offline with more about 300000 English divinations
  • Huge collection of complex forms
  • All word will be exposing even less than a minute
  • Search for new words by clicking on the random button, all those are just in your figure tips
  • Quick search for any kind of word
  • It I easy to fractionate with very simple user friendly interface that contain easy UI
  • Allows you to insert cross words with several symbols on it and single unknown letters can be keep smartly
  • The symbols can be used with any group of letters
  • Get backups and restores of previous checked by words or sentences
  • It is auto detect and configure and also bookmark your internal memory, Google drive, drop box or box cloud if they were available
  • The only way that the above mentioned feature will work if you already install those mentioned cloud storage on your Android Smartphone.
  • Shuffle search to know about the new words by this amazing offline English dictionary.
  • Share your fined words and sentences to any social platform with friends
  • Let others to know about unknown facts by sharing it to many Apps, whatsApp, by Gmail or any social media

It is now integrate and compatible with FBreader moon+ reader and other so many similar apps with instant share button there.

File type: APK format

License: Freeware

Current version: v1.8 which is latest on the market

File size on disk space: 9.7 MBs

No need to download further files after availing this from the provided link location. Just install oxford offline dictionary apk on any Android based device like mobile phones, tablets and other smart cell phones.

The offline version of this english dictionary is also available on google play. Furthermore voice input is comes with this app but before to get start you have to enable voice input from the settings. If you still having problem while make sure from the settings having a Samsung Galaxy with Android 6.0. In such case can use Google default text to speech engine instead of Samsung’s own.

So let the application to work with your Android device we always share supportable format which is varies with maximum number devices.