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Listen to the right music for every moment! Pindrop Music APK is a music app that tracks your location, mood and based on some other factors it gets you the most appropriate music suggestions recommended by your friends and other users near your location.

You’ll be able to relate to every music suggestion you get and don’t ever need to keep skipping irrelevant tracks. Pindrop Channel will track your Mood at different times and locations to suggest most appropriate songs and music Check out and listen to songs what other users near you are listening. Browse playlists created by other users and subscribe to them. Create and Share your personalized playlists. Search for music and enjoy them for FREE

Subscribe playlists from your friends and enjoy them for FREE. Listen to any song anytime. Awesome music player with very intuitive controls. Users will be able to create multiple admins for their playlists. Enjoy parties and other occasions with music that everyone with you likes. Like and follow your favorite musicians to get their music updates. Get updates on your followers and subscribers. We are trying to bring you the only app that understands your music needs and what you want to listen at different moments. You can find all of your friends and their playlists with Pindrop Music APK file. Enjoying music with your friends has never better been better 🙂

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