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PS Team Mod Menu
v1.62.x (Bellara Blrx)
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Bellara Blrx

In this era, the only thing which is much more overrated is mobile games. Specifically, battle games are taking the lead. So, PS Team Mod Menu is just in front of you to help you out. These games are equally popular among elders and children as well.

More particularly PUBG and free fire are going side by side by having million-plus downloads. But not every player is a pro player. Some new players are there too who have to compete with good players too. So what they need for overcoming these issues. Yes! You are getting right. They just need some pro techniques and more importantly shortcuts to act like a pro player.

What is PS Team Mod Menu?

In simple words, It is a tool or cheat app which will secretly lead you to victory. You can say it as Free Fire Mod Menu for FF cheats.

Moreover, you won’t be noticed as an ambiguous player. You won’t be coming in the eyes of enemies but you could see the opponent’s position, their ammo situation, and even their standing position too.

So nothing can stop you from the perfect win when PS Team is at your side. It will let you dominate your enemies and make you mighty.     

This application is helping a lot of players in achieving the goal of their game. As per the game format, all you have to do is your defense to survive.

So what’s more enchanting than PS Team Mod Menu which will secure you like covering you under angel’s wings. It will make you the last one to stand out aloud with distinction. Even you will be astonished at how you did it. 

App Screenshots

PS Team Mod Menu
PS Team Mod Menu

You can invite your friend to move on to the team and launch attacks and defend each other. Even if you can play solo or can join any random squad the choice is all yours. 

In every game, the most needed thing is money, even real or game money also known as a virtual one, to buy items. So by Mod Menu, you will have diamonds, yes game diamonds for free. You can buy premium articles in exchange for these free diamonds.

You will feel like a real person in this game in many aspects. The short timing of the game will never let you get bored of the game. And in all this PS Team Mod Menu will be your true companion. 


If you have reached here it means you are a persistent gamer. Moreover, you really want to be a pro and want to know about the smart techniques to stand till the end. So don’t waste time and take a step towards it through Mod Menu.

  • It has a very simple and user-friendly interface even if you are a novice. It won’t fatigue you much. 
  • It has an attractive graphic interface you will always be amused after opening it. 
  • It is fully free of cost you don’t have to even pay a dime.
  • PS Team changes the IMEI number of your phone so you won’t be traced. 
  • You will have multiple types of cheats
  • You will get a headshot feature, an increase in damage rate and an auto-aim. 
  • You can change the language of the application anytime. 
  • It won’t bother you with third-party ads. It’s an ad-free application. 
  •  You would have many injecting features.
  • You will have attractive skins, amazing backgrounds and enchanting templates. 
  • A mobile-friendly mod menu game.
  • You can easily find it at the Google play store. 
  • You will have easy control. 
  • It also shows the position of the enemy, health and ammo status. 

And the anti-ban feature is enough to make you more enthusiastic about this application and game.

How To Download? 

Downloading PS Team Mod Menu is not like taking steps towards heaven. It’s a simple and easy four to five steps process. Just follow the following steps.

  • First, you have to download the latest version of the application.
  • After this, follow the small steps. Go to the file manager and look for the APK file.
  • Once you had found the file click on it to start installation on the phone.
  • And make sure your phone settings are accordingly. This means that an installation from unknown sources is allowed. 
  • If any problem occurs re-check the settings and try to re-install the APK file. 
  • Now, enjoy and have fun. 

Now, you are well aware of this application and how PS Team Mod Menu works. Moreover, you know how to get benefitted from this app. Although it is a safe source still using VPN is a better idea.

This will enhance your gaming free-fire gaming experience and will help you to dominate your opponents. Download it at once and have fun.

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