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Root Explorer APK is one of the best Android App which enables you to explore and uses whole Android operating system files. The features include Google Drive, Dropbox, bookmarks, Send files, So-Lite Database, Multiple taps, Create and Extract GZIP or ZIP files, Apk binary XML file viewer, Email, Drive Box, Network (SMB) and Bluetooth ETC. Download root explorer apk free. Root explorer free download this apk and the latest version V 2.9.3 apk. How to use root explorer apk? And how to root your Android device with one click root apk. Root Explorer enables you to get deeply into android’s file. In other hands it’s second name is ES file to modify and edit system files of your Android device.

Feel free to download this Root Explorer file at any time from our site. Here we provide secure download link location which is Spyware protected, Mall-ware and every download link in Apk Roots are Virus free and very safe and free to download. It is ultimate file manager application for Android devices for root users.

Root Explorer APK features:

  • Create and extract zip or tar files. Extract RAR archives.
  • Built in a text editor.
  • Easy navigate different locations by clicking on that tab.
  • Google Drive, Dropbox, sub-network support.
  • Light, dark and home wallpapers.
  • Integrated themes.
  • Send files via Bluetooth and email etc.
  • Go with your search function.

Your download link location is just right below click on that link and waits for a while to start your download automatically. Feel free to download above App for your Android device and below is your link location which is ready to download on just one click direct download link location.

Explorer is perfect for organizing your internal storage and SD card contents. Simple, with a smooth intuitive interface. You can also easily access your cloud and network files.