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You are about to download galaxy s6 launcher for your Android device. The latest version is recently released and here we are going to update it now. However, S Launcher APK for Galaxy TouchWiz is a highly customizable, performance driven, TouchWiz style home screen replacement.

So here you can make your new windows on your homepage. Make it clear and a new screen appears. It is highly customizable and makes a new replacement for your screen. TouchWiz is a great stylish and cool home screen, that perfectly works on your smartphone accordingly.

This launcher has so many key features and functions on the go to fulfill your all concerns. There are 1000 + options and icons with other aspects. So you will easily manage your theme with supportable fundamentals. It looks like clean and clear with simple gestures with the goal you wants to achieve. Moreover, the graceful and attractive launcher from the history of all old versions of this application. We narrate some of its key features in next few lines, so just have a look on them to have more user experience.

Features of S Launcher APK for Galaxy TouchWiz:

  • Customizable icon size and icon label
  • Support thousands of icon themes on the Play Store
  • Customizable desktop grid size
  • Lock, Unlock desktop
  • Infinite scrolling on desktop and dock
  • Hide apps in drawer
  • Scrollable dock, customizable dock pages and number of dock icons
  • Screen orientation
  • Set default screen for desktop
  • Edit shortcut icons and text
  • Enable/Disable wallpaper scrolling
  • More than 16 icons in folder
  • Resize any widget

Other customizations and options will be added in future versions of S Launcher APK for Galaxy TouchWiz App. If you have issues while downloading a file from here on. Just feel free to leave a comment down in the comment section consequently.

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