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Sidesync is a solution for Android users to allow screens between Android device and A PC windows. This work as a PC suite software of different companies offers to their users. So, you can get connections easily and share data between your phone and computer. Aidesynce APK is basically designed for Samsung Galaxy device, they will work on all galaxy mobile phones and tablets on the go. There are so many things to do with this awesome application as a result. You can easily take control the screen of your phone directly from your PC and to do this reverse. Key features as under you can check them and easily understand what Sidesync do for you?

Key features:

Screen sharing of your mobile device with PC, You can see your Galaxy device screen on the PC and manage easily. Using the PC’s keyboard and mouse you can easily control your mobile phone. Gives you a user-friendly dashboard to gate notified all the aspects consequently.

Support OS:

This is definitely supportable on all kind of Windows operating systems. The list is including as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 with 32 and 64 bit.

If you tale about Android device support there must require Android 5.0 or KitKat and latest version. Models must higher to Samsung Galaxy S3 and some of the Tabs is this range.

how to download and Install Sydesnce APK

You just require an Android device with above minimum system requirements. Now go to the download section of this page and find your Sydesynce APK file. Click on that link and wait for a second your download will start now. Wait for few more seconds and the file will there in your Phone’s memory. Go to the Applications and find the app to start the installation. After the installation, your app will appear on your main screen. Tap on it and launch the Application right away. Enjoy to have the connection with PC and do what you want.

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