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You are a fast tapper and love to Swype Ninja with a faster Swype keyboard APK on your Android device. Then this application is beneficial for you to enhance your typing experience smarter. However, Samsung Swype enables you to input your text in your own language. Due to this and several other features make this application the world’s most powerful keyboard App. We were going to make an immediate list of it unbeatable functions and features that make it so lovely. So I would like to narrate some of its amazing remedies.

Game Pros:

  • Several languages support, the new version is now going to allow Hindi input using an English keyboard.
  • For Hindi lovers, the languages are including as Tatar Cyrillic, Tibetan, and Enhanced Sanskrit.
  • Predict next word while you are typing messages or a note using Swype keyboard APK.
  • Select your favorite them from the store.
  • New themes are listed in the store on daily basis.

To make changes to the keyboard through the customization options just long press and hold the Swype key. By this, you can easily enter to the control panel and customize your keyboard according to your choice.

Get personal dictionary backup and sync, so you never lose the words that you added to your current dictionary.

Personalize your settings like typing in a landscape mode; vibrate on touch keyboard height and so on.

Download any language from the store makes it your preferred input.


Use Swype gestures for quick everyday tasks such as:

Some of the important and necessary gestures are right here to below to instant your tasks. Have look at them before going to the download area.

  • Select all the text on your screen with Swype key to A.
  • Cut all the text or any selective area with Swype key to X.
  • To past, the selective text on any other location of that page or you can paste it anywhere else. Just Swype key to V.
  • Find any word or text on your current page, note or message just search with Swype key to S.

A full-size keyboard style is there while you have an Android tablet to fly with swipe Ninja.

Swype meaning will find the meaning of any word using your bilingual language preferences.

Press and hold the Swype Key to access the Swype Store and customize your keyboard.
Suggest words and phrases so you will able to auto-detect all common sentences while writing a plain text.

Finally, Swype dragon trial dictation will quickly dictate your voice and make it hands-free. To activate Swype dragon trial just long press and hold the dragon voice key on the keyboard.

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