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Android is all about freedom, you got complete control of your device. Install whatever makes you happy, and uninstall if you do not like that thing. You will get a variety of app on a single niche, chose one and take the job done. Tasker APK is also the app which makes you realize, that you are the real owner of your device. Most of the people think of this app as scheduling different task. Though this is the most used feature of this app, this is more than just a scheduler.

This app has so many features; it will be difficult to go through each and every feature one by one. You are the real owner of the device, you lay down the rule how you want your device to behave?

Tasker is a simple, clean and tinny application. Though it is complicated to use all of the features, and sometimes it makes me confuse.

Like you can set your mobile phone to play the song at the specific time if you are a music freak, and you want to listen to music when you get up, set it up, make a random list of the songs, or add your favorite songs in that list. Also, set the time, and it will follow the set pattern for you.

If you are the beginner and using Tasker very first time, you should enable the beginner’s mode of Tasker. This was not added in the last version of this app, it has been added recently, yet wonderful add up.

How to set a Task in Tasker?

Tasker is the most famous application, and if you not have heard about this app just search and read the reviews. You will come to know, how much popular is this.

  • For example, I am a beginner and I want to set a task in Tasker?
  • The task is when I go to bed at 9 P.M; I want my mobile phone to go into silent mode.
  • So, open the task tap, tap on the plus sign and enter the task name “Bedtime”. You will go to the task add screen, where you can set all task which you want your device to perform at 9 P.M.
  • So, I am not want to get disturbed by Calls and SMS when I am sleeping, tap on Add sign, tap the audio and click the silent mode.

So, the task is no set. And you can add the specific rule to this task. Like when someone calling you, and you receive 5 consecutive calls from one contact number, the task terminates and your phone starts ringing. You can add a more complicated task on your tasker if you know how to handle it.

You can manually start the task anytime, and also can create a shortcut to that task. Tasker is way more than what you think; it can change your Android experience entirely.

Change your Calling and SMS behavior, set the messages to pop-up and read. Set the message screen to your favorite color. And block any number what you want.

You even can send your task to your friends, so that they directly can get the execution file, and they will not be needed to create the task.

Tap the download button above and get the file in APK format. The link has already been given; hope you will love this Tasker APK to be installed on your phone.