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Tik Tok APK is a free music video social networking tool, which allows you to create music videos, and share it with your friend which is already on the platform. The application is used to share some fun, and light moments. As we spend an entire day in working and tiring schedule, which takes our lighter side aside. So, spending some moments on the application, Tik Tok you would be getting some quality time.

To use the application you have to create an account, and you can create the account by just signing up using Facebook, Instagram or Google account.

On Tik Tok platform you got hundreds of thousands of the songs, and you can capture yourself on those songs.  You can share those created songs with your friends, and they also can comment that stuff, or share this further. Download Tik Tok APK and enjoy the fun music videos created by your friends or yourself.

How to use Tik Tok to create a video?

  • Tik Tok is the application which is used to create short music videos instantly.
  • Just have the app installed, and create the account, rest let upon the application.
  • This application is a new culture benchmark for the global creator, and become the part of this content revolution.
  • Get your favorite song from the library, record your video, set the song, set the video according to your motion, and get a perfect short video.

Share that video with your friends and loved ones, this is like Facebook, but the entire focus is on creating and distribution of the music videos.

The application is a perfect blend of artificial intelligence and image capturing, rhythmic synchronization allows you to record the videos according to the rhythms and your motions.

Features of Tik Tok APK:

Tik Tok APK is a free application, specifically designed to create short music videos. That is a great fun to shot you with the music, that music what you love and listen to often. The application is a perfect shot for those, who spend the whole day in boarding routines and need something strong to change the mood. Being on the platform of Tik Tok you will say many of your friends and loved one in a

lighter mode.

I have tested the technique on myself, and it really helps a lot

Music Library:

Music Library is the real fun on the platform; there are hundreds of thousands of latest, old, funny, sad and many more songs. You can have those songs in your videos, according to your mode, and video capturing purpose. Add any of the songs on the video; pick even the fresh song daily from the editor’s choice. And take your creative potential to the next level.

Mobile Studio:

I would say, by using the application, your mobile becomes your studio. The studio to record videos, to record songs and to shot your favorite moments The application is a perfect blend of the image capturing and artificial intelligence.

Special effects:

Special effect another splendid feature- this feature turns your face rounded, squared, and lengthy. You can capture your image on those special effects, there are hundreds of more special effects pick one and get it captured.


The application loads swiftly, a clear interface and free application. You will be having every shot captured in high definition, record yourself for thanking someone, wishing your Mom and sending greetings to your loved ones.

That is the purpose of the application, creating some very special moments to add some fun to your life and your loved ones. Tik Tok APK is a really fun, and it is really a good thing to capture your video to add some special effect, add your favorite music, and send it over to the platform. Do you know what the more fun is?

More fun is by checking the video created by your friends and loved one. That will make you laugh out loud. Watching some of your very special friends in the different and funny avatar is really a captivating thing. The platform is growing exponentially; this application has become one of the hot apps in the European countries, though it is not recognized very well in Asia. But, very soon everyone will be hitting on the application, creating music videos, and sharing those on the platform.

Download Tik Tok APK from this download link >> Tik Tok and install it on your phone.