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Did you ever try playing Windows PC games on your mobile phone? You cannot play Windows PC games on your phone due to many reasons, but compatibility is the main issue. But this application, Trinus VR APK lets you play your Windows PC games on your Android phone by using VR headset. You can experience new games on your Android phone; still, you need to have a PC around you.

How does Trinus VR APK work?

So, let’s start how this Trinus VR APK works, and how you can get the experience of this on using your computer on your mobile phone.

First, you need to have Trinus VR APK installed on your Android phone, and there are some more things you need to gather before moving forward.

You need to have one PC capable enough to run most of the high definitions games. If you do not have a good GPU, you can get to know the best CPU which can run most of the games.

You need to have a VR Headset, it does not matter which company you got. But the Headset should not annoy you when you wear you

And you need to connect your mobile phone to the computer either via WI-FI or USB data cable. Trinus VR APK works on your mobile phone as a client. The server works on your Windows PC, the server’s job is to take your favorite game, and give feed to your mobile phone. Where Trinus VR APK working which will take the video and will set accordingly your VR headset.

Most of the first person shooter games like Battlefield 3 and Open world games like GTA do not work on Android.
Trinus VR APK allows you to play these famous games on your Android phone using VR Headset.

Trinus VR APK download

Download Trinus VR APK from the given link; install it on your Android phone.

Hope you know, Android does not allow any third party downloaded files to install on Android phone with default installation setting.

So, change the installation setting to third-party installation setting, and install the app.

Now, you need to setup Trinus VR server on your computer, download Trinus Server from the official source. We also have given you the option to download the file.

Follow the on-screen instructions, and install it on your computer.

Launch the Trinus VR app on your mobile phone, and wear the headset.

Safely wear the headset, and get an experience of virtual reality, set the visual according to your eyes.

Hope you are going to like this Trinus VR APK which allows you to have an experience of playing Windows games on your phone.

Tap the download button and download Trinus VR APK from the given download link. Install it on your phone, and get the wonderful experience of it.

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