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The official TWRP APK is the first application developed by the team WIN, and it helps you to install the custom ROMs on your Android mobile phone. So, let’s start this topic, and I want to clear one thing, If you are a newbie and does not know much about the custom recovery or Stock recover you should not play around the application. You might have heard about the stock recovery from your mobile phone. You press volume down key, and power button to get that mode of the Android phone. By doing this your phone goes into the stock recovery, and you get all the setting default on your device.

But, to get the custom recovery, you need to get some other application. As the official recover does not entertain you with lots of other options. Go to TWRP recovery for more features to easily recover your phone. You cannot install any third party ROM on your TWRP phone, and you are not allowed to get the direct installing of those firmware files.

To get them installed on your phone, you need to install TWRP application.

The application lets you install custom ROM on your phone and get the updates related to those custom Firmware files. So, if you really want to install and get updates to the custom ROMs what you have installed on your phone, need to download TWRP APK from the given download link.

By having this installed on your phone, you can go with the custom Recovery option. When you chose to install the application. Make it sure you have rooted your Android phone. For an unrooted mobile phone, the application simply does not work. You need to download Root Application from the landed website.

In this Application, you get the statistics network option and flashing options on your Android mobile phone. Choose the latest version of TWRP app when you to install this, and choose your mobile phone when to install the application. So, get your desired ROM on your phone, and also updates related to that ROM.

So, tap on the download button, and download TWRP application from the given download link. If the link does not work, please do comment in the comment section.

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