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The development of mobile apps for Muslim has been prolific in the past three years. As more Muslims become acquainted with smartphones and accessibility to the outside world, opportunities avail themselves to provide an app that does everything.

That’s where the Ummah app becomes a powerful tool for Muslims. Some of these apps concentrate on prayer times or Qibla directions, but little else. Other apps are dedicated to news related to Muslims or other current events. None of these apps bring it all together, until now, with the Ummah app. That is why Ummah is the best mobile app for Muslims.

It all comes down to what Muslims need to have, and what’s available from one resource. Sure, it is possible to download a number of apps that are strong for certain aspects of the Islamic religion but before long, smartphones can include several apps and the user quickly forgets which one is best for which situation. If a prayer time is coming up quickly, Muslims may miss it completely by selecting the wrong app. Ummah doesn’t want that to happen, so they incorporate a list of everything that a true Muslim mobile app should have.

Here is a quick review of some of these features:

Prayer Time, Quran, Qibla, Dua, and Tasbih. Ummah provides information and tools for these Muslim rituals so users can do them correctly. This includes Salat time, a copy of the Quran, Qibla Compass, Dua, Hijri dates, books, Tasbih, and important days for different locations and languages.

Times in Any Location for Prayer.

Based on a user’s smartphone app, it shows times in any location, as well as a yearly time table. Users can also set a notification for any prayer so they will not forget or be late.

Quran Readings.

Users no longer have to take their Quran books with them.

With the Ummah app, they will always have an electronic copy of the Quran available for reference.

Each day notable sacred passages will be available for Muslims to review.

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Links to Social Media.

Muslims can also have access to Social Media, such as Facebook and Instagram.

They can use Ummah in conjunction with their favorite social media sites to meet other Muslims and stay in touch with family and brothers.

This merge of Ummah and traditional social media sites allows Muslims to be wise in their social media selections.

In addition, Ummah can serve as a social media site as well.

Ummah can offer brothers the chance to interact through a social media app that is already created by Muslims for Muslims.

This assures users they are never alone and access to others is always available.

The Ummah app is new, but the content is being added every day. Don’t hesitate.

Once users visit the site for the first time, they will keep coming back for the content.

Download Ummah APK File from Google play store.

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