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Bapan FF

If you are looking for any modified version of Garena Free Fire then you have landed yourself at the right corner. All you need to do is Download VIP Mod Pro Free Fire from our given link and start ruling the game.

Garena Free Fire is a popular shooting survival game as it received a reward of the best popular vote game by Play Store. The game has become an addiction due to its amazing storyline and excellent graphics. Millions of players take part in the battle of nerves every day. But to be the last survivor, it is not easy to defeat every enemy on the unknown Island. To get a mastery of the game, players need additional support to win the battle against the other 49 players.

The high-end competition can only be won when the players get their hands on all the premium items. For this reason, players use different scripts, apps, injectors, and other similar stuff to get free access.

Out of thousands of apps, players may find it difficult to choose the perfect one. But we are here with one of the perfect mod VIP Pro Mods that can enhance the gameplay.

What is a VIP Mod pro?

Developed by Bapan FF. pro, this is an Android app that is the modified version of the official Garena Free Fire. This modified version has already inbuilt premium items of the official game that can be used during the gameplay without spending money. This mod offers lots of features like Aimbot, headshot, drone view, and in-game currency to facilitate the players and enhance the gameplay.

Is it safe to use the app?

No, these apps are easy to install and use but they are risky. These apps are creating a major imbalance between the gameplay. The users can get an unfair advantage over other players that are playing fairly. By giving free access to premium items, these apps are shrinking the profits of the authorities. That’s why the gaming authorities are taking harsh actions against such culprits. They will permanently delete their gaming account without warning.

Are there any precautionary measures a player should take to minimize the risk of a ban?

Never believe blindly in the anti-detect and anti-ban features of these apps. These features will never protect the players from the ban but only minimize the risk to some extent. The authorities deleted thousands of gaming accounts even with the anti-ban feature. If the player is willing to take risks then follow these steps to avoid the ban.

First, make a bogus account with virtual software then apply the app’s features to that fake gaming account.
While playing do not get over-excited, activate only one feature at the same time.
The opponents have a right to report at the end of the match if they find something wrong with their fellow players.

What are the key features of the app?

The app is packed with all the essential features that can entertain the players in every aspect. Here is what you can get from this mod menu,

  • Aimbot. Aimbot feature will allow the player to get a perfect shot of the bloodthirsty enemies.
  • Aim Target. This feature will enhance the skill of taking the exact target of the enemy.
  • Aim FOV 360. This feature will permit the player to set a figure between zero to 360 and find enemies from all sides of the battlefield.
  • ESP Menu. Extra Sensory Perception features will let the players see through the walls and terrain. ESP menu includes,
  1. ESP line
  2. ESP fire
  3. ESP box
  4. Name ESP
  5. Alert ESP
  • In-game currency. Players will be able to get unlimited diamonds and gold.
  • Night Mode. Players can enable night mode if they want to play in that mode.
  • Speed Running. When this feature is activated, then the speed of the players will be increased.
  • Drone View. Players will be able to see the more broad view of the battlefield ranges from 0 to 5.
  • Sensitivity. Players can increase the sensitivity of the game from 0 to 3.
  • Anti-ban. There are inbuilt anti-ban features of the app to prevent the players from the ban.
  • Ghost Mode. Players can enable this mode and hide from the eyes of the enemies.
  • Free of Cost. Players can get all the paid items without spending even a single penny on them.

Other Features. The other features include. Another popular free fire mod is developed by ps team. On that, we also do research and or team test it in several ways. It is working best and you can also do tr it as you really want as a VIP.

  • Telekill enemy
  • Telekill caro
  • Fly hack
  • Fix lag shoot
  • Recharge Rapid
  • Aim movement
  • Wallhack
  • Wallhack stone
  • White body
  • Auto master
  • And many more

In Final Words

It is summed up that VIP Mod Pro Free Fire is the best-modified version as compared to other similar mod menus of Garena Free Fire. Players can download the latest version of this app from our given link without any difficulty. Good luck and enjoy the app with your friends and family.

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