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You are now downloading Whatsdog APK latest version v5.0.2 for Android. To get notifications when your contacts are connected Whatsapp & while thy online. This is what happens when your friends are coming to and opens the WhatsApp on their phone. This application will let you know when they become online and for how much time they use WhatsApp.

Get alerts when a certain contact that you wants to monitor his/her activities. WhatsDog is the best-known application to spy on the active status on any Whatsapp user. Here you will find when the user itself not allowing others to check connection status on the go.

Key Features of WhatsDog:

  • Check activities of any one of your phone contacts
  • Currently only supports Android.
  • Notifies when your contact is connected to WhatsApp.
  • Get details of any activity.
  • An easy and simple user interface makes it more reliable.

A Good Thing:

You can check and keep a good eye on your Children.

A Bad thing:

  • This application contains an advertisement, so you can be frustrated while using it on your smartphone. That the ads are appearing after some time and continuously appear on your screen.
  • Spying on someone’s privacy is not a good happy bit. So this will be a bad thing in my opinion.

Download and install are very easy.

Currently not Available on Google play store. Because it has the spying characteristics that play store don’t allow. But at any time you will download it from our website and can use on your Android.

Even your WhatsApp contact never knows that you are monitoring their activities. Including you are checking the time that he/she connects to the WhatsApp. This will let you know that exact time when your contacts are online and when thy left.

Download >> WhatsDog APK file now.

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