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The WiFi Connection Manager is well-known WiFi connector APK, to allows a connection on your Android. It will automatically scan and find the accessible connection nearby you. Help you to manage your internet connection accordingly. Basically, the App will enable some access points to display SSID in different country languages. However, these languages are as under consequently you should know the special characters password. WiFI connector APK APP support international languages

  1. Chinese,
  2. Japanese,
  3. Korean,
  4. Greeks,
  5. Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, UNICODE
  6. Arabic,
  7. Portuguese,
  8. UNICODE and much more on the go.

Additionally, you must root the Android phone for wifi authentication at any level. Wifi connector APK has so many features and functions, that I am going to narrate them in the next few lines. Have a look at them accordingly.

Key features for WIFi connector:

  • Support for several manual APs.
  • Make the easy connection and enable strong bond between your device and network.
  • Fix all the issues during connectivity.
  • So auto shuffles among the different AP and selects most reasonable at the moment.
  • Show password on saved networks.
  • Get backups and restores of all the reachable network IP’s.
  • Allow you to connect hidden SSID network successfully.
  • Auto detects any network and wifi connection manager unlock it for you.
  • Protect WiFi setup using the power of WPS WPA Tester as a result.
  • Scan, pause, edit, change, save, rename, delete and many other convenient results.
  • Will support for Wi-Fi tether (Wi-Fi Hotspot) and access free Wifi on your Android mobile phone.
  • Already safe and secure network will easily restore and backup with few clicks.

Download android wifi connector APK file

So, here we go with a very useful Application android wifi connector APK file. Just from below download link location you are going to grab the Application within a single click. Connect WiFi hotspots, connect for your neighbor’s WiFi network and discover the best experience ever. Additionally, Feel free to leave questions and suggestions in the comment section below. We warmly welcome your thoughts and trying to give a better feedback in the shape of your answer.

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