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M40 X 5 and A5 Simulator APK is the type of Simulation game for Android users like Smartphone and tablets. This latest version which is recent in the market with eight different vehicles and several new cities are adding, so you can get a better benefit of it. Now you are using of some of the original views of driving like round wheels, brakes, steering, starting with a button to move your car forward. Using these buttons turn your car left or right. Almost the sensor is newly added to this version. By tilting your device you can simulate your drive in X5 M40 and A5 Simulator.

Now go to various cities to show your driving skills with specially setup vehicles. Like a real driver you have to face hard challenges during the race, drifting, overtaking, jumping, wheeling and much more in dust full streets.

The turbo feature is also there, so you can turbo your car to increase or boost the speed at that time. Vehicles can be modified with ABS, TCS, ESP and similar options. When you require a gas you can with nose and fill the requirements.


  • 14 Different Vehicle.
  • 13 Different City.
  • You will feel like a real driver.
  • Thanks to the use of steering wheel, button and sensor …
  • When you want, you can gas with nos.
  • Drop the drift into the city dust.
  • Different driving experiences in different cities
  • Drive designed vehicles
  • ABS TCS ESP Options.
  • Turbo.
  • Modified vehicles.

Some new models are in this circle like winter Gallardo, Camaro, Hilux and s2000. These machines are draftable and Wilde monsters. This game is developed and created by Boom games in 2018. You can get all this app history with its old all versions including in X5 M40 and A5 Simulator game. This excellent game has the file size few MBs. Download install and play even we provide all the details according to the game author and walkthrough for X5 M40 and A5 Simulator within some clicks. It is safe and free to download from the link just right here.