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Xcode MLBB

We know you are tired of downloading separate applications for different hacks, therefore, we brought you a hacking application that will provide you with all the necessary hacks without getting banned. Welcome Xcode MLBB Project.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the ultimate game for all action games lover. Play it solo or with friends, you will never get bored. This 5 vs 5 action game is making waves for its exciting gameplay and thrilling fights with the opponents. The craze of this game in the South Asian region is touching sky limits. Teenagers are going crazy for this MOBA game.

To ace friends and opponents, the players are always after hacking tools and applications to enhance their gaming skills. These hacks give ML players an unfair advantage to beat opponents, that’s the reason they are so tempting that every ML player is looking for all-in-one hacking tools.

What is Xcode MLBB Project?

Xcode MLBB is an all-in-one hacking application that takes some burden from the gamer’s shoulder leaving him relaxed. Get quick rank powerups with many useful features like radar maps, physical damage, enemy lag, and more.

Apart from all these useful features, it also unlocks premium skins for all ML Heroes. All this and more, would it be wrong to call it an all-in-one hacking application?

Is Xcode MLBB Safe?

Many users have questioned the user account safety before using this app. As per developers, it is equipped with an anti-ban feature which makes it safer and will not cost the gamer his gaming account.

We want to add that it is a third-party app, not checked or sourced by Google, be extra careful when using such apps. Also, hacking applications and injectors are generally not safe and often get detected by the security team of the game.

Xcode MLBB – Features

We know you have been dying to know more about this app, as an app this use should be discussed and celebrated. The developers have taken a step further by introducing many useful features. Here are some features of XCode MLBB
Unlock all old and new paid skins for all ML heroes.

  • Enjoy map hacks like radar maps to know where your enemy is.
  • Drone View ML projects and other stabilities to enjoy the game from different viewpoints.
  • Features server rank booster so that you get a rank promotion before your friends.
  • Ensures smooth game run with its Anti-lag server.
  • Armed with enemy lag and enemy bot.
  • Increases damage up to 60%.
  • Take advantage of Physical Damage, Magical Damage, Physical Defense, and Magical Defense.
  • Enjoy fast hero level, fast cooldown, and fast farming.
  • The Anti-ban plugin will not make the player lose his gaming account.

XCode MLBB Key:

To get the key and make it working, after the installation of application follow these below steps.

Click on the Key button.


Now click on the Accept button to access the app using that key.


That’s all now you can able use app and the XCode script will be working on ML.


How to install Xcode MLBB?

Xcode MLBB is not available on Google Play Store, therefore, we have provided you the link to the latest version of Xcode MLBB.

  • Download the latest moded version of Xcode MLBB from the given link.
  • Go to security settings, scroll down to Unknown Sources, allow it for the installation of third-party applications.
  • Navigate to the downloaded file and tap it for the installation process to begin.
  • After a few seconds when the app is installed, go to the menu, tap the app icon and start hacking.

How to Use XCode MLBB?

  • It has a user-friendly interface easily operational by the ML players.
  • When the user opens the app, he is presented with a long list of app features.
  • He, being the judge, has to toggle on the features he likes to see in the game.

In brief, the Xcode MLBB is a valuable addition to the ML hacking applications. It is hard to find such hacking tools that offer plenty of functions. Enjoy all the hacks by downloading the application.

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