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Game based on latest released Pakistani movie Yalghaar is going to catch the attention of masses. The icing on the cake, not only the game but also Movie is also getting positive reviews as well. In this game, you can serve your country be rescuing innocent citizens.  You can live a life of a commando officer, the army officer who has the only mission to save his country, work for his country and die for his country.

Now are going to fight with some devil’s eyes, the future of your generations is in your hand, devils want to destroy your motherland, with this top military operation, you will get a chance to rescue hostages. You will be able to diffuse bombs and mines, going to catch suicide bombers and snipers hiding on the top of buildings and hills.

Get ready to fight, feel the importance of this mission, equip yourself with the best suitable military weapons and lead your country to the magnified glory. Chase your enemies, coward enemies, catch them, kill them and show them the deserved path, hell. Aside graphics, themes, backgrounds, sounds and other factors, the actual feeling is somewhat different from these factors. The actual factor is zeal, passion, the love for your country, and to die for your country, no one can understand the true feeling of words other than an army officer. By playing this Yalghaar The game you can find a little light of those feeling, one army man faces daily in his life.

Features of Yalghaar: The game

  • Core of the heart the weapons, latest weapons including machine guns, bombs, shotguns, pistols and much more
  • Freedom to choose, your desired and suitable weapons, carries your weapons, to do some interesting stuff around your country.
  • Counter your enemies with some variety of attack, like snipers, suicide bombers, gunners, stealth
  • Highest scorer are mentioned in online version of the game, complete the score and reach the top of the list
  • With every successful mission, you will be rewarded with a medal, in this way. would be able to upgrade your weapons
  • 3D environment with realistic shooting approach

 Serve your country in the game “Yalghaar The game” by killing terrorists and some devils. You are the master of stealth, use your weapons properly, and use body armor and grenades when you needed. In this modern warfare game, you are on the secret mission. To reveal the hidden missions of enemies, which are making some plans to attack you. You are going to catch spies, which are planting bombs to kill the innocent citizens to spread terror.

You would be able to enjoy and will feel the enthusiasm, passion for working with your country at your best. Let bygones be bygone, start working positively for your beloved motherland “Pakistan”, the soul of this Yalghaar The game.

We already have given a download link at the end of this post; you can download the game and install it on your phone to enjoy the modern warfare game.

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