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Facebook has become old, Twitter is sliding downward, and Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp are in fashion. No doubt WhatsApp is one of the most famous and top-trend messaging application. The smoothness, navigation, freedom, and security what YOWhatsapp provides, nowhere prevails. End-to-end encryption makes this messaging application core of the heart, and we feel safe to share our personal data over there.

We can share video messages, audio clips, media files, and now group voice and video calls. So, what more you want from this application, but there are some areas, where the officials of the same receiver are not focusing or overlooking. So, third-party developers came and hit the nail, we are here to get that WhatsApp modded application to cater to our daily needs.

What is YoWhatsApp?

YOWhatsapp is a modded application, it is not an official application, nor did the officials support to this. So, we should say a third-party modded app, to get our problem solved. Like, over WhatsApp one cannot use two WhatsApp account in one mobile phone device.

And about all Android mobile phones nowadays come with two SIMs, and mostly one is used for personal purposes second for the business.

One cannot get one WhatsApp to manage both aspects of the life, so there is pretty need for it, to get two WhatsApp account in one device.

The official did not put their nose into this to get it solved, so by using the mentioned YoWhatsApp APK one can get the two WhatsApp installed.

You might have heard about GBWhatsApp, that also is identical in features and functions, we can use both for one another place.

Using the two WhatsApp account in one mobile phone mere is not the feature we get by using this application. There are dozens of the feature, one can use, and enjoy the freedom.

Like, most of us want to change the theme or the look of the application, but by default, we cannot.

By getting YoWhatsApp installed, one can even change the fonts of it, the layout of the application, can get the favorite theme indulges and much more.

How to use YoWhatsApp?

YoWhatsApp is not an officially released or support application. It is a modded app, you can say it an exclusive to deal with problems we face using the default application.

The use and installation of the mentioned application are not that difficult. One can get it installed like the way we do install the other apps. But, you are getting the app from the third-party servers, not from Play store. Get it installed with ending the unknown sources.

Tap on the settings of the phone, security setting settings, and check on the unknown source radio button.

Keep it on your mind; you need not install the official WhatsApp on your phone, to get YoWhatsApp installed.

So, if you have installed the official version, uninstall it and then install the former.

Now, get it installed

There is nothing different in the app, you are offered with the same features, just you got the more control and extra features.

Get two WhatsApp account, get your fonts changed, and install your favorite theme and much more.

Features of YoWhatsApp

YoWhatsApp is an exclusive application, which one can use in place of official WhatsApp.

Two WhatsApp:

The most used and demanded feature of the application, using the two WhatsApp account in one mobile phone, get it done using the mentioned app.


I love this feature the most, get my favorite theme and layout installed on WhatsApp, and get the favorite fonts to stand out in the ocean of crowd

Hiding the blue tick:

Bluetick option shows the receiver reads or receives the message, and sometimes we do not want this. YoWhatsApp allows you to hide this, and even after reading or receiving the message, the sender would not come to know about

Privacy options:

One can hide the online status; can hide from the other friends about when he was online on WhatsApp

App Lock:

If someone gets your phone, and if he/she knows the lock pattern of the phone, can read the WhatsApp conversations. By using YoWhatsApp one can lock the WhatsApp with a pattern, Pin, fingerprint or a password.

Send a message to anyone:

You can send messages to anyone, without of him being saved in your phone’s contact. The only thing, the person should be available on WhatsApp.

Simple and clean navigation:

Simple and clean navigation along with the sober design add the cherry on the cake while using YoWhatsapp on your Android phone.

So, download yoWhatsapp from the given download link, and install it on your phone. If the link does not work, please do comment in the comment section.