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How to Unlock All Skin ML for free? How many times you have searched this for answers. ML skins are loved by fans because of their unique style and everyone wants their hero to look the absolute best. These skins give special powers to fight enemies, besides the style.

MLBB is a 5 vs 5 action game that’s popularity can be compared with the likes of Dota and Fortnite. Mobile Legends is also famous for its characters and expensive skins. A player can buy skins using diamonds, diamonds, in turn, are earned on rank promotion, but oftentimes, these diamonds remain insufficient to purchase hefty ML Skins.

So what can a player do? How can you get ML skins for free? A player can always ask for help from ML Skin injectors, and there are plenty. By using injectors, a player can get old and new premium skins for a free, win-win situation for ML lovers.

How to Unlock All Skin ML for Free?

Many hacks help users unseal all premium items, lifting all restrictions to style your character for free. Now, you must be looking for the best ML skin injectors and there are a few.

There are hundreds of injectors available in the market, but not all are built to deliver quality services. The majority of them are short-lived, either they don’t work or become outdated by not complying with the updates.

An ML gamer often finds himself in the abyss as to what to do, which one to download, and so many other questions. Do not worry, we will leave you in the middle of nowhere, you will be presented with a list of injectors that are known to be the working ones with many exciting features.

These injectors are

EZ Stars

EZ Stars has been in the business for quite some time, so, it is trusted by many ML players. This oldest yet effective injector unlocks all ML skins, even the updated ones.

EZ Stars

Developers keep on updating this injector to comply with the latest versions of MLBB.


  • All ML skins of Mage, Marksman, Assassin, Fighter, Support, and Tank.
  • Provides background customization.
  • Unlocks battle effects like Recall, Elliminasi, Spawn, Notification, and Emote.

Zolaxis Patcher

Zolaxis Patcher, being the latest and finest injector, has gathered user admiration for catering to today’s ML gamer. Developers have updated many features whereas many new ones are on the roll.

Zolaxis Patcher Injector

It caters to every aspect of the game and that is the beauty of this injector.

Its features include

  • A large collection of skins for the main ML 5 heroes.
  • Equipped with 22+ recall effects, 20 emotes, Drone view, and more.

EZ Month

This well-optimized injector tool is programmed to unlock skins and premium features. EZ Month injector comes with many useful features that assist users on the battleground. No matter how tough the opponent is, you can fight with evident victory when using this hack.

Ez Month

It covers every aspect of the game considering ML player feedback. Developers keep updating the injector tools with gamer-friendly features. It delivers
All premium skins for gaming heroes inject with a single tap.

Customizable background, recall effects, drone view, rank booster, and many more. This injector is password-protected, the password is ‘Handsome’.


A user can unleash hell on the opponent with this small app. This Turkish app unlocks skins for free but it is available only in a few countries. It is purely a skin injector that focuses mainly on unlocking ML skins for the player.

IMLS next gen

IMLS small cheating app is compatible with all the updates and equips all updated skins for ML freaks.

It features

  • Premium ML Skins are available for Mage, Marksman, Assassin, Fighter, Support, and Tank.
  • Unlock ML gaming heroes for free.
  • The simple user interface, compatible with all game modes.

Marjotech PH

Just because it is last on the list, do not mistake it to be lesser than others. It, in fact, got all the necessary features a user needs to win. MarjoTech PH is a multi-talented tool fit for this high-end MOBA game.

Marjotech PH Injector

This injector tool is winning the hearts of ML players, it has helped them improve their gaming skills.

This multi-tool features

Unseal all ML skins for different characters, updated skins are available as well.
Get drone view, maphack, rank booster, background customization, and battle emotes.

Is it safe to use ML injectors?

It is not safe to use these hacks as hacks always pose a threat to a user’s gaming account. Security filters detect hackers and punish them with a temporary or permanent ban. Use these hacks smartly and don’t be obvious to not get caught.

In brief, these were just a handful of injector tools that we discussed, many other tools are working quite well, catering to users with their quality hacking services.

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