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Advanced root Checker APK download

You have rooted your phone, and you do not know if the root was successful? Right, it happens when you root a device very first time and do not hold any experience of getting root permission for an Android phone. No worries- there are tools which can do the job with just one click. Advanced root checker APK is the top among the tools who let you know about root was successful or not.

The only job the application does, it lets you know whether the device is rooted or not. The application runs a detailed scan on your Android phone, and gets the results in yes or not.  One more thing, advanced root checker has no interest in rooting your phone, nor the device modifies any files on your phone, it just lets you know about the rooted phone.

Rooting of an Android phone becomes important when you try to install some application and get to know the app needs root permission. Though, most of the users do not install such application, as they do not know much about rooting. But, the trends are being changed, and people are inclining more towards complete controlling of the device or phone.

They want to play with their phone- want to remove bloatware, want to remove the built-in application, where the root comes. Root is the only gateway which provides such freedom to the users, though rooting of the phone makes your security weaker, and some hackers can peep into your phone and can take the data away

The feature of Advanced root checker:

Advanced root checker is a simple application, which gives you result in either the phone is rooted or not. It works on simple tap and gets, after installing it just tap on the check button.

  • It gives you the root result
  • Detail root checking
  • Device name, model name, test keys, busy box binary
  • Enable SuperUser option on your
  • Read and write the paths of your root directory

The application is impressively designed into the simple interface with the sober design. You need to have Android 4.0 and higher version to get Advanced root checker installed on your phone. So, download Advanced root checker APK from the link, and get to know if your phone is rooted.

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