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Teaching Feeling is a perfect adult role-playing game for Android users. The main character in the game is revolving on a slave girl. She is Sylvie and her ex-boss is very cruel and very bad. The last owner is trying to beat her badly.

The game starts with your offers to incredible teen girls. Do offer them anything and she will respond to your offers consistently. Once you impress her, she will be your friend and you can do share whatever with her.

Your Role in Teaching Feeling?

So in the game, you as a doctor, try to help her and rescue her from this situation. Later on, you will just fall in love with her and start caring here. Then after she looks pretty to you. You become more closer to her great accent and speaking style.

The clothes she is wearing in the Teaching feeling game are awesome. She looks more beautiful in them. Sylvie is now your friend and she literally impresses you in all the manners. You have now try to save her life and fight for her to achieve life cycle goals.


Try to build a good relationship within the gameplay. You can also able to protect the victim by affording a helping hand. Teach her, cure her, and also be nice to her.

teaching feeling Girl

Because she is a little bit broken for the long term by abusing old individuals. You can know the feelings of this in a smart way to ensure her safety.

Best Specialties

A video game based on a cute girl that has very bad physical conditions. In the past there are many tragic things that happen to her and the life of that girl is just ruined before you.

  • This game is only for adults and set to PG 18+
  • You can able to offer unlimited proposals.
  • Do romance and share your feeling with model girl Sylvie.
  • Its story comes from a great novel, that every younger would love to play.
  • Providing you real user experience.
  • 2d graphics are incredible.
  • Teaching feeling APK file is freely available from the below location.
  • Language is English.
  • Full and legit version free for everyone.


The best alternatives are Zenonia 5 and Seven Nights in a row to play a role-playing game.

Download APK

Get the APK file for Android to start to impress sweet girls. Just start installing with the help of a Teaching feeling APK file on your Android. Support smartphones, Android tablets, and Android Mobile phones from maximum companies.

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