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Many countries like China and Korea control Internet access and limit the number of websites their citizens can check. People access these sites through VPN applications. AnonyTun Pro is one such app that ensures smooth and safe internet browsing. This free VPN proxy lets you access and browse the Internet without being tracked by some authority.

There are a lot of VPN applications available in the market, it is entirely up to you to choose any one of them. Android developers are always busy building such apps that have virtual VPNs in different countries. If you often get restricted or blocked errors while opening a website, you need to download this app. It will help you get past the firewalls.

Mostly these apps are used by citizens of a few countries who have banned a large number of apps and websites. People have found a safe way to bypass the blocked error and access website data. VPN apps are mostly premium considering their services, it makes sense to demand money.

So, about AnonyTun Pro, do you want to know more? Of course, you do, stay with us to learn more.

What is AnonyTun Pro?

AnonyTun Pro is a VPN or virtual private network app that lets you surf the internet without getting “disconnected” or ” blocked” every now and then. It works by creating a virtual private network with another network on the internet.

This way, you can access geographically restricted websites without being tracked by a third party. Through the app, it is possible to access websites blocked in regards to vulgarity, defense issues, economy, country general problems, and so on.

It is developed for Android devices and provides unlimited bandwidth combined with high-speed VPN. It changes the location of the user to give access to a restricted website or browser. Check websites that can not be accessed in your locality, region, city, province, or country.

Is it safe?

The software goes against the policies and protocols of the government authorities as it gives access to the data banned by the officials. However, the app maximizes user protection by hiding the IP (Internet Protocol) and location of the user. That way, the person accessing restricted sites can not be traced.

Is it Free?

Most high-quality VPN applications are not free, Anonytun Prime has both free and premium versions. To access leading websites, the user has to upgrade the current version to premium.

The servers available in the pro versions are; United States of America (USA), Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom (UK), Gaming or streaming server, Canada, Russia, Singapore, UAE, and Japan.

Available IPs in AnonyTun Pro

The app includes seven IPs of multiple countries like Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, and others. Moreover, two of the seven IPs are limited to gaming and video streaming.

Customize VPN settings by increasing or decreasing the MTU size or by turning on or off the Route All option. A user can opt for Custom DNS instead of Google DNS.

How to Select Different IPs in AnonyTun Pro?

To ensure faster connection and quick browsing, users can switch to different IPs. Click on the “Best Performance” Button, tap connect by selecting a desired option or IP.


The app has an exciting user interface and amazing features, we can not wait to tell you more about it. A summarized list is given below of the main features

  • Worldwide Connection – The app connects the user with a Worldwide connection to browse websites quickly and smoothly.
  • Multi-Window – Use a multi-window of a browser to access multiple restricted websites at a time.
  • Bandwidth – The app offers unlimited bandwidth.
  • Servers – This VPN application has six servers from different countries to search massive browsing websites.
  • Premium Version – There are more servers in the premium version as compared to the pro version. However, the pro version also got plenty of major ones.
  • VPN Activation/Deactivation – There is a single click option for connection and disconnection of VPN.
  • Speed – Anonytun has a high-speed connection and is fast in browsing speed.
  • Download Files – It supports downloading of files through restricted websites. The downloading process is fast and the file can be of any size.

How to Download AnonyTun Pro?

Where to get such a wondrous app? Well, right here. The download link is available for the latest version of the app which can be accessed by clicking on the download button.

  • Download AnonyTun Mod APK from the given link
  • Allow third-party apps installation by checking Unknown Sources from the phone security settings.
  • The installation will begin when a user clicks on the downloaded file.
  • Wait for the entire process to finish, once done, open the app.

Anonytun Pro (MOD) is an unlimited bandwidth provider along with a high-speed server. It’s a free VPN proxy client that lets you guys get the benefit of circumscribed websites.

There are certain websites whose server isn’t supportable in your area of the country as a consequence issues like general issues, defense issues, vulgarity, economy, and some others might be possible.

You might have seen, whenever you desire to access some websites related to sexuality, the message is printed ” The site can’t be reached” and “Age-restricted”. Actually, your IP Addresses are blocked to access them. So the Anonytun Pro app makes you free to obtain every blocked site.

App Screenshots

Anonytun Pro
Anonytun Pro

Its work is to declare restricted websites legal on your phone. This app is genuinely developed for an android operating system that changes your location and connects your IP with an international server, the proxy client maintains it.

If you’re fond of playing games but your desired one is banned, this amazing app also lets you download and enjoy those games. You’re allowed to customize apps from a VPN setting.

Anonytun Pro

As every product is known for its best functionalities so Anonytun Pro also possesses conventional features. It provides you high-speed connection. It increases your hope power by considering yourself as an unrestricted person.

AnonyTun does not just unblock the websites effectively but also protects the user’s browsing activity from being tracked. AnonyTun servers work best and fast to speed up the browsing experience.

Mod Features

Utilize unlimited access to every online banned action. The utilization of Anonytun pro provides you the benefit of undetected your Internet Protocol (IP) by declaring anonymous.

  • This app comes with multiple versions but Anonytun MOD version is costless.
  • It lets you access different servers from various countries.
  • Gaming persons can also get the advantage of almost 7 servers.
  • It provides you user-friendly interface with an orange layout.
  • It leaves the option to connect your device with a laptop and computer.
  • Utilize Anonytun Pro Apk by being fearless.
  • You can off Google DNS by utilizing a custom DNS option.
  • It gives you the surety of safety.
  • And much more.


This rules breaker app facilitates plenty of servers from different countries of the world. Now you can use various servers of the below-mentioned countries.

  • United States of America (USA),
  • Canada.
  • Netherland.
  • Germany.
  • Australia.
  • Austria.
  • United Kingdom (UK).
  • Canada.
  • Russia.
  • Singapore.
  • UAE
  • Japan
  • And its latest version includes more.

Anonytun Pro App not only unrestricted the websites but also display your connection with the international server. This means you can use all things that the people from particular country use.

Final Remarks

Accessing all banned websites is the desire of the majority of smartphone users. If you also starve, don’t forget to download Anonytun Pro.

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